Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vote For Me?

Hey readers!

So Lolita Wigs is having a contest on facebook.

I figured I'd enter in sweet lolita with my new blonde x pink split wig I got from them! The winner gets 3 wigs (1st place), and 2nd place winner gets 2 wigs while 3rd place winner gets 1 wig plus a bob.

Cool huh?

I have 50 likes so far but I am going to need a lot more...I would really appreciate it if you all could help a loli out. :)

Here is a link to my post:

You need a facebook account to vote, obviously. All you have to do is hit "like" on my photo! :) I think you MAY have to be a fan of the LolitaWigs page on Fbook to vote too but I am not 100% sure.

Spring break this Saturday....more updates forthcoming along with my promised Innocent World post as well as a gyaru fashion post! :3

And here is the rest of it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to the Magical World of Swimmer!

I know I promised my next post would be about Innocent World but I gotta take a quick break to show off my new Swimmer swag! :D


For those who are reading this who do not know about "Swimmer" is a store in Japan that sells SUPER CUTE items!! I have never been to the actual store myself as I did not even know about it until after I left Japan (grrr!) but it looks like HEAVEN on the inside! :D

The online shop is divided into five sections: Fashion Goods, Bag & Pouch, Wear, Bath and Kitchen, and Interior.

As the name would suggest--fashion goods contains items such as hair ties, headphones, combs, keychains, makeup brushes, etc.!

Bag & Pouch section is cute tote bags, pass cases, pouches, purses and makeup bags. Sadly the super cute present box bags seem to be available in store only and not on their online shop, or perhaps they are older because I had to find mine on mbok! >_<;;

Wear section contains underwear, hoodies, shirts, socks, pants, etc.

Bath & Kitchen has stuff like bento boxes, cups, towels, chopsticks, trashcans, tissue box covers, soap pumps, and even toilet cleaning wands!!

Interior contains items like clothes hangers, picture frames, alarm clocks, fans, jewelry boxes, computer mouses, mini folding tables, etc.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, Swimmer does NOT ship overseas! BUT if you can get someone living in Japan, aka a shopping service (SS) to go to a shop for you, they can buy you the items!! Usually you will have to pay a fee. Just google Japan shopping service. I've used both Mai Ozawa and Chibi_Tenshi on LJ. Poke around and see who you can find! :)

Also if you do live in Japan, according to their site: "Once your order amount is 3,150 yen (tax included) or more, shipping is free." Sweet! :)

Here are some of the things I've purchased from swimmer:

(Please ignore random eyeshadow palette that snuck into my photo!) :P

Click the jump to see more!

Violin Keychain

Believe it or not--it serves a purpose! It has little slots to prevent your headphone wires from getting tangled! Sweet!

Headphones! SUPER CUTE Pastel headphones! :)

Suuuper Adorable and Handy Present Box Purse! It holds a LOT!

Alarm Clock

Note Books (kinda glossy pages??)

Makeup brushes! They remind me of magical girl anime stuff. :D

Not sure if it's swimmer or not but my shopping service included this cute item as a bonus present:

She is so sweet! All of her packages come with a free gift! :)

Quality-wise Swimmer is only so/so. I have had certain items like their handbags, pouches, pass-cases, etc. that have lasted a LONG time while their watches and alarm clocks tend to break after only a few months of use! All or most of their products are pretty cheaply made, in China. But the prices are not expensive. The headphones were around 1,400Y or so which is around $17 ish at the current (crappy) exchange rate. But the headphones aren't as bad as some people might say!

I would also like to say that there will be a new layout coming soon for spring! I decided to do a layout for each season so there will be four lovely layouts each year. :D That should be ample time for me. But it won't be limited to four if I have time! :D