Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finished a Few Knitted Things!

The weather continues to be outright freezing cold lately. Although it does fluctuate between below zero degrees F, and around 25 degrees F...! The other day it was -5 degrees F (which is approximately -20C fo y'alls who use Celsius..!) That's SO COLD OMG. So needless to say I've been knitting and knitting....and knitting!

Here's what I finished lately:

Gina Scarf

From a free pattern available online:

The lady who did the pattern is Vanessa Ewing, and she's really nice! I was stuck on how to do this pattern a while ago and she helped me out by sharing a video on Youtube of a person knitting the Indian Cross Stitches pattern which is effectively what this pattern is only modified to change how the rows alternate. I really adore it. Such an easy and fast knit and if you use the Gina worsted weight yarn by Plymouth (it's 100% wool)

it comes out looking beautiful due to the way they dye the yarn. I love dip-dye effects and color gradients. :3 Especially when they're all rainbow-y!

I loved it so much that I finished a second one:

I just love the yarn so much. ^___^

I also got some knitting books to get some new patterns, and plus they just looked like fun. :D

Punk knits!! Haha. :D There's a skirt pattern in here I wanna try in neon green yarn plus a distressed striped sweater. Yay! :D

More fresh alpaca yarn too:

I was trying to use it to make a Steelers Scarf but it didn't really work with the pattern, transitioning between the two colors :(

I really do adore the way the yellow yarn looks in this pattern though so I will likely just frog the crap outta it and start over with just yellow, saving the black for another time.

That yarn is also by Plymouth, it's their Baby Alpaca Grande. From what I understand, "baby alpaca" doesn't mean the fibers came from a baby alpaca, but that it's indicative of the fineness of the fiber. Odd, huh? All this time I was picturing an adorable baby alpaca getting sheared down to naked, hehe. I guess it's just an adult alpaca getting sheared! :P

Anyhoo. That's all I got for now. I'm also working on sewing an Elsa costume for my next door neighbor's daughter using a child's pattern I found on Etsy. I'll have to make my next blog post about that. And knitting, of course! :)

I also plan to crochet a Totoro Amigurumi, but I haven't crocheted since highschool so this should be interesting. I plan to YouTube all of the pattern techniques so I have a better idea of what I am doing, lol.