Sunday, November 10, 2013

O-Mighty Hates Big Butts!

Long time no post, yet again. Sorry for the blog neglect, everyone. I don't know if there's anyone out there who actually follows this blog or whatever, but if there is...I apologize for my neglect! Life gets in the way every time I want to update. But moreso, I just hate typing posts and formatting them and all that crap. I tried posting from my phone a few times since I can talk into it and it will spit out what I write, but then the issue with formatting came up. Bah.

So anyway. I guess I will get on with the subject of this post: o-mighty! Some of y'alls may have encountered their products before in the online fashion blogosphere world.

But at any rate...they're based out of Singapore (which I am assuming is how they escape all the copyright infringement lawsuits!) and they pretty much only carry one size for most everything. This is slowly changing but not by much. They do have a lot of cool stuff for sale, which brings me to the Word Art Skirt.

Pretty dope, huh? Well I thought so too. And I wanted to order one. So I did. But then I realized, hooooly shiiiit, it's like...XS. And I'm usually like M/L in bottoms! So needless to say, I was a bit disappointed. I was kind of anticipating it though, and decided to go to the fabric store to make the skirt BIGGER by adding two panels in. Below is a photographic depiction of my journey in the world of making something larger. (Usually I take things in!) I was a little nervous about the alteration...not to mention I already dropped like $45 US on this stupid skirt, lol.

Got the skirt in the mail, and obviously it wouldn't fit on my big caboose!! >__<;;;
Grab sewing machine, add beer and loud music....

Seam rip skirt you can see, their skirt pattern is "highly complex" lol...

Now pin the damn thing to mannequin and attempt to figure out how much fabric you will need to buy...!

Go on shameless fabric shopping spree with your JoAnn coupons...end up spending $120 instead of the $15 you originally planned!



Threw it on with some other random stuff.

Not bad but I could have been more patient to do a better job. >_<;; Annnnd I will end with my favorite photo!
Because, fuck yea, drippy tights!!! xD

The end.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. Thankfully o-mighty is beginning to make bigger sizes now but I don't know by how much. I ordered their Nokia Phone skirt because, shit, it's dope, and I used to own one of these phones, back in like 2000. It even had a metallic green case to clip on it. I thought I was a straight up baller, lol. I got it in M/L so it better fit. Dammit. Otherwise I will be buying more knit fabric and doing skirt surgery again. Skurgery. Yep. I said that.

Have you ever made something bigger before? What was it? Did it come out good? Or was it a fail? Comment below and tell meeeee!!!