Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kat Von D in the House!

If you know anything about me and my makeup obsessions, you'll know that I am a huge fan of Kat Von D. She's soooo hawt (lol) and she makes GREAT makeup palettes!! :D They may be pricey but the colours are sooo long lasting. You can even wear them without an eye primer and they will still last for a long time! :D

Here's a video of me describing each palette:

Click the button below to see still images and a peek at some of her new products for Fall 2010! :D

Still images of my collection:

Leftmost column from top to bottom: Beethoven, Metal Orchestra, True Love, Adora.
Rightmost column from top to bottom: Ludwig, Gypsy, Memento Mori, Rock and Roll (Sephora Beauty Inside 500 Point Gift.)

Speaking of Kat Von D there are two new sets she just released that I am dying to have!

Tattoo Chronicles Palette

The eyelashes tempt meeee. Sadly the colours seem pretty repetitive...I wish she'd release bolder colours like U.D. but I guess it's not really her style. Might be a good buy if you haven't tried an KVD stuff before.

Painted Love Lipstick Set

This I may have to get! I have never owned a lipstick by Kat Von D before although Adora tempted me. I just feel like I am too pale to pull off her bold, dark colours. :x
I did buy the painted love giftset she originally had for my friend Lauren for her Birthday and she really loved all of the colours. :D I tried one of them on and I have to say, her lipsticks are very moisturising.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rocket City Makeup Haul and Review

Once upon a time there was a brand called Rocket City cosmetics.

If you liked the video, click READ MORE to see still photos of the products I talked about! :D

"Space Case" RC-23 Lipgloss Palette

"Space Case: RC-63 Eyeshadow Palette

Moon Groovin' Bang All Over Cream

Alien Eyes Eyeshadow Trio: Purple People Eater

Take Me to Your Leader Lip Gloss Single in "Zowie"

A screen cap courtesy's wayback machine of the Rocket City Website Circa 2001!!

Well I hope that this post was semi informative/useful to some of you space cadets out there who were looking to find out more about this spectacular brand. I am just sad to see it go. :'(

You will live on in our hearts and makeup stashes....! <3

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mori Girl clothes!

Since I bought stuff from Rakuten before (Chocomint), I get those periodic (and sometimes annoying) e-mails from Rakuten about their various shops and sales. Today, I was browsing and something caught my eye--! A shop called "Soulberry" that sells very earthy-toned, mori-inspired clothes. Hell, it might even be considered mori itself but I am just starting to learn about mori girl and all of the lifestyle stuff that goes with it so I am not really sure what "defines" a mori girl outfit apart from the loose, flowy, vintage layers, and random hints of earth-tone in an outfit... and cute, chic accessories like a little bird necklace or a camera-shaped pin. :D be the judge of whether their stuff is mori or not. :P

I think on my "must buy" list for this fall, I want to get some fur stole or wrap, a crochet vest in cream or white, and a couple of vintage dresses from Avalon. :] I find it so hard to pull off straight up US vintage...but when you mix and match vintage with current trends, and add a hint of fairy tale, you get something like MORI gal. :D

And here is the rest of it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

KrystaalRain on Youtube: Make-Up Inspirations

So I think this is going to be a make-up related post. :D

Lately I've been stuck in a rut make-up wise...I don't know why but even using the Kat Von D palettes I so fawn over, I've been feeling sort of BLAH. I guess I wish I had more MAC stuff like a palette of eyeshadows or bright colors. Sugarpill, etc...but I guess my old Urban Decay stuff will suffice for now. :3 I have some Rocket City stuff on the way since it's only $1.99 per item no matter what item, from (!!) :D Rocket City was one of the first makeup brands I ever bought and wore religiously. It's like a blast from the past! Retrofuturism! :D

Only 3 days till Aromaleigh's final sale before they shut down shop for good, so don't forget to get your last minute mineral makeup....I know I will order at least SOME thing from her site...I especially adore her blush. *eyeballing roomie's Aromaleigh stuff* xD

Despite hearing so much hate about LimeCrime, their lipsticks are EPIC. Seriouslllly. I found myself using the My Beautiful Rocket (bright orange) lipstick quite frequently. >_<;

Anywayyyyy the real point of this post was to share a very inspiring youtube-r with you all. Her name is KrystaalRain and she has AWESOME HAIR but even more AWESOME are her makeup abilities! :D


For some reason the embed code is not working at the moment but I will embed it later.

This is the tutorial I am following:

When I saw her sporting this look on her "About my dreads" video, I just had to try it myself! So I will be using mostly Urban Decay products to try and get the same look she has. :D

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Botanic Gardens Day 1 Photo Post!!!

For those that do not know...every year there is a Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

We've started a gal circle in St. Louis called "Chance" with members: Anne, Kate (me), Nami, and little sister member Yuka. :D

We took a photo of all four of us together but it is on another person's camera and I will post it later ....I think Anne will upload photos to our website soon. I actually forgot the URL at the moment...and since I got a new comp, I have yet to transfer all of my bookmarks over.....

Yuka's awesomely decorated pumps which I thought for sure were from DreamV on Rakuten....but they were self-made!!! O.o;

Me xD



That was my yukata that I bought in Sapporo. :D
I really miss Sapporo. D:

The weather here has been pretty good!! I am looking forward to going back to the festival again today in my Angelic Pretty powder rose OP! I will see Yuka and Anne again....unfortunately Anne had to leave early yesterday to get food so I didn't get many photos with her. D: Sad face! I think they photos I took of her ended up on someone else's camera so I gotta wait for those to be posted. :x

I will try to take more photos in the pretty gardens tomorrow. It's always so crowded, though. >_<;

I hope everyone has been having a great labor day weekend!! :D
Look for more photos tomorrrowww. 8-)

Friday, September 3, 2010

LIZ LISA Fall/Winter Collection!!!!


Liz Lisa Fall/Winter Collectioooon! :]

I am really excited....I am very in love with Liz Lisa and I never really saw a lot of their winter/fall stuff yet...cause I just got into gyaru recently. x)

There's a Japanese fest this weekend and I might go in full Agejo in a yukata...hah. Assuming I can find a friend to tie my obi that is, I am so fail at that. :P

Click below to see some picsss....

Almost a bit o' mori gal???

So cute! ^__^ A lot of browns and neutrals..

And OMG THESE BOOTS. MUST.....HAVE.....! >_<; But they'd never fit my thundercalves. I really want a pair of thigh high brown or black boots for fall/winter with a HEEL. My friend Lauren said she got some from Steve Madden that could fit me, so I can't wait to try those on later tonight!

Oh and I henna'd my hair using LUSH henna. xD


10 hrs later...



OK that's all for now. Sorry for short/crappy post. Maybe I will write more about Liz Lisa later...I am back from class just now and feeling tired/hungry. :P