Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Number One Hair Product!! (that you can't live without!)

Wow, I am really a bad blogger...I keep neglecting my poor blog! ;___;

The reason why is mostly because I recently started an internship!! YAY! It's at an aerospace company in the county and it's a really long drive just to get to work each morning! So I have to get up super duper early just to drive there and by the end of the day I am totally exhausted. =___=;;

But I have time now for a quick update so here we go!

I've done a lot lately...sold some stuff, bought some stuff, lost some weight (<3!), etc... I bought two new lolita dresses and I sold a whole lot of my old sweet stuff. I got some vintage dresses from shops in a town called Columbia, MO which is where my roommate is from (but we live in St. Louis city together.) It's about a 2 hr drive to get there plus or minus, but she goes home every so often to see her mom! ^^ We explored town (more like I explored town) and snagged some cute dresses. I am too tired to take and upload pics now but that will come later, I promise! For now, I was wondering, readers... what is your Number One Hair Product? As in your ABSOLUTE favorite? Can't leave home without it? Need it in order to have a "good" hair day? Well for ME.... mine is definitely, hands-down a product by the company Kenra called Silkening Shine Gloss!

It is AMAZING. Seriously. You apply a little dab to slightly damp-ish hair and rub it in, then use your hair dryer as normal. The heat activates the formula and makes your hair suuuper soft, glossy (without being greasy!) and it smells AMAZING. Functional and delightfully good smelling at the same time. What more could you ask for? :D

My second favorite is probably R&B by LUSH!

It smells positively delicious too and leaves your hair so soft but you have to be careful not to use too much or it will make your hair heavy and gunky and oily! >_<;; it's pretty good for dry hair though...dry or damaged...but mine is oily and damaged which sucks because it's already so greasy if I don't wash it enough. @__@;; Random side note. I have never tried "BB Cream" before so I decided to snag a bottle of this stuff cheap on eBay:

I will do a review once I get it and try it for a week or two. Like I said, oily oily skin and hair for me, so I tried to find a BB Cream meant for oily skin. What say you all? Tried BB Creams? Like them? Love them? Hate them? Indifferent? Seems like a really overly hyped product IMHO but I guess I can't judge till I try! :3 Nyah!

Oh and bonus: I snagged some perfume for cheap, click read more to see! (This post is long enough as is!) ;____;

J'Adore by Christian Dior:
(and yes I know this bottle isn't the 3.4 oz one but I was lazy and googling, haha.)
$39.10 shipped on eBay!
Original price for 3.4oz on is $98. I saved $58.90!! xD


Dolce & Gabbana rose the one
$46 shipped on eBay!! Original price on is $95 for 2.5 oz. I saved $49!! :D

And I got both bottles in the mail today, with free samples, even. :D From US sellers. They weren't shady at all or anything and the perfume is legit. The Dior one was slightly used but it still had like 95% of the perfume remaining. The D&G one was totally new in box, even sealed with the wrapping paper and D&G sticker. Totally authentic.

Conclusion. eBay = win. xD

If you're looking to get pricey perfumes at half the cost or even better...check the eBay! :o)

That's all for now, thanks for tuning in to my ramblings! :]