Sunday, May 26, 2013

Holy shit I have a new phone!

As the title suggests, I can make blog posts using my phone now! And I don't have to type anything because I have the Galaxy S4! It has a voice to text recognition software um and that's pretty incredible because it's basically in direct support of my laziness. Now that's not to say that it's perfect because it definitely is not perfect and punctuation is a bit of a challenge but I'm getting the hang of it. I've been feeling kind of sick today otherwise I would have posted a whole bunch of stuff because it is the weekend after all but on the other hand tomorrow is a holiday's Memorial Day for people in the United States, so I don't have work and that's really nice in a sense that I can sit on my butt and if I'm not feeling well, that will be a blessing. But if I am feeling good I might just do a post about clothing or shoes or insert random thing here that I've been meaning to get around to. Or I might just play videogames all day. I was planning to do that today actually, but I was feeling literally that crappy that even sitting in front of my computer playing video games was just too painful and so I spent most of the day in bed and where I am now which is the bathtub. Yes. I've been narrating this entire post through my phone while sitting in my bathtub. Fuck yeah. The 21st century is fucking dope. The end!

And now I leave you with photo of me and my new car because I don't know what else to post at the moment and all of my old photos are still on my iPhone. So I probably need to find a way to get that stuff over and I'm sure its probably pretty freaking easy with this phone. So yeah here is me next to my car and it is the last photo I will ever take or rather have taken with my crappy old iPhone camera!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Return to my old ways: Metamorphose Dim Light and Moitie Silent Moon

Two posts in one weekend? I'm on a roll, dammit.

But anyway, I kinda "left" lolita for a while, and I am now just looking into it again, but realizing 90% of my wardrobe really doesn't suit me anymore. I look at stuff I own now and these are the various things going through my head:

- I am never going to wear this again!
- Well, I MIGHT wear this, but only for a meet-up or con.
- Oh wait, I don't GO to meet-ups anymore and if I DO go to a con, it's once per year and I'm usually in cosplay or Oops.
- I want to sell this but I'm too lazy to take pics/type up eglsales entry.
- I don't want to sell this, I want to keep it as a collector's item, but I doubt it will appreciate in value unless I hang onto it for a good 20+ more years!
- I don't wear sweet anymore but I guess I could rock this in a himegyaru coordinate.
- Oh wait, I don't even really wear gyaru anymore either, because I am too lazy to do all the make-up and hair.
- Ah, fuck...!

*insert other various ramblings here*

Yeahhhh. So I am trying to FORCE myself to sell some of my lolita clothing I no longer wear/want. But sadly it's something of a challenge. If you scroll to the bottom of this, though, there's a bit about me trying to sell my Moitie dress, haha. I had it for a few years and I've only worn it once, so make an offer or something. ~__~;

But anyway....Lately I noticed these two prints...

This is "Dim Light" print by Metamorphose. It came in Dark Red as well as Dark Green but really the Dark Blue/Navy is the best color in my opinion.

I don't really own any dark blue dresses except for a Moitie sundress which I am attempting to sell.

Here's a close-up of this spectacular print!

So gorg! And perfect for goth/classic!

Aside from Dim Light, which I will probably never find, I positively adore this Moitie Print called Silent Moon!

This is another nice photo of the dress, but I am not sure who took it...

Simply divine! But it probably costs like $500. -___-;;;

I also adore this version though I like gold less:

Anyone have any more info about either of these prints or is willing to sell hers to me? :D

PS: I am selling a Moi-meme-Moitie Sundress!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hologram Litas + Hologram Brazen Platforms for SALE! + My New Lotus Elise!! :)

So unfortunately my UNIF dress from the previous post ended up BREAKING after I was trying it on a second time. I was so bummed. I already sent it back to Dolls Kill...I am hoping they can at least give me store credit for it so I can get a new one. Bah. I plan to fix the rivets on the new one with felt stickies, if I can. They won't do cash refunds at all which kinda blows but I did want a replacement dress. What a bummer. UNIF quality is usually pretty good but this one was a miss! I was barely even pulling on the elastic and it broke. MEH.

Anyway that mini-rant aside, I DID end up getting these gorgeous beauties in the mail last week which I do plan to wear with my rainbow dress:

Can you tell I have a mild hologram shoe obsession?! LOL. And that's putting it lightly.

Hologram all the things!!! xD

I bought them as replacements for my Hologram Brazen platforms, actually, also by JC...because I bought them in size 9.5 US and they don't fit my size 9 feet. It was an attempt to get these babies in my closet and Nasty Gal had run out of all the size 9's which seriously bummed me I thought I'd stuff them with the Doctor Scholl's gel stuff (from a couple of posts back) and while it DID work....the straps just didn't feel right. I guess the strap is proportionate to the shoe size or something. Anyway, it wasn't working out, and I wanted these to go to a good home.

They're listed on eBay right now, here is the link to the auction:

I hate eBay in general for selling things because of all the damn fees. But I could sell these to someone outside of eBay as long as Paypal is being used. And if that's the case, I can lower the price to what I paid $120 + shipping. But yeah...I really hope someone buys these because I know I won't wear them. It's sad because they are WAY more comfy than Litas in general which tend to run a little narrow. I am hoping JC comes out with even more hologram shoes. Considering how much it's trending right now, I'd put money on it! I also love black hologram so I hope they come out with some of that sort of stuff too. ;)


Also I am SUPER pumped because I just bought a new car!!! It's a Lotus Elise!! It's dark green with tan interior, and it's totally sublime! A lot of people in the US don't know of Lotus as it's a British company from what I understand. Totally in love...and it's supposed to be here Wednesday so here's a sneak-peek! ;)

I promise more car porn photos soon! But I need to get the oil line replaced as that part was recalled.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

UNIF dress review... Pastel Harness Dress

So in case you guys didn't know by now, I fucking love the shit out of UNIF!!!!


And recently I decided (after seeing many girls looking fly on Instagram) that I would buy this harness dress from dolls kill.
Product Page

I was pretty pumped to get it in the mail Friday. It didn't take long to ship (and free shipping as well!) and I was excited till I tried the dress on.

I was worried I would look pregnant in it, but that's not the case, although it's definitely akin to an empire-waist. What really irks me about this gorgeous dress is the fact that the metal rivets used to attach the plastic straps are PAINFUL as fuck on my skin! What genius thought to make it this way and not put some type of backing on the rivets? :( Seriously....did I get a defective dress or something? Has anyone purchased this dress and had the same problem as me? I mean, geez...

I wonder if it's like this on ALL of their harness dresses, or just this one??

Anyway, here's a quick pic I snapped of me wearing it. I'll see if I can post some better close-ups tomorrow. :-S

I want to keep this gorgeous thing, considering I just got holographic Litas to go with it (!!) but I will need to make some adjustments to it first. Otherwise, it's perfect! Great colors and length, although I worry about washing it, as I washed another dip-dyed UNIF garment, and it made the colors bleed like mad! :(

Would like to hear from others who own this dress!!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fashion Fitting Frustrations: Off the Grid Jeans from NastyGal

And again I have managed to neglect my blog.

To be honest, I have been up and down depressed lately. :( I guess just a mixture of things, really... I do enjoy my job, so work has been the only thing to keep my mood swings down lately. How odd.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to post about some stuff I got recently from Nasty Gal.

I know I've expressed my distaste for skinny jeans in the past, but damn, Nasty Gal has such a fantastic selection of all sorts of crazy colors, wacky prints, and so forth!

I ended up caving and I bought a pair, called the "Off the Grid" Skinny Jeans:
I tried size L at first but they were way too big...imagine that! I thought I had the biggest butt of all time, lol. But I sized down to M and well... this is what I noticed:

I hate it when pants have to be big enough to fit over my ass, but then they're too big on my waist. Another reason why I typically try to avoid high-waisted pants in general. Which brings me to my next frustration....

Hmm, I really dislike the way I look on the left part of the picture. But on the right, I think it looks okay. Much better, really. A friend of mine disagreed and told me she prefers the left look better! But why?! :( I look terrible. I don't think skinny jeans look good on those with wider hips and big thighs such as myself. I am sure many disagree and think they look good, but I feel like kermit the frog or something. :( and with my skirt tucked in, I'm like a frumpy grandma, lol. Alas!

I planned to wear it like this anyway:

More like leggings instead of skinny jeans. They are sooo stretchy and comfy anyway! So let's just pretend they are cute leggings, and not ugly high-waist pants. :P

I also got this dress which is a little difficult to put on, but I still like it:

A little bit bulgy near the stomach area *ahem* but overall stretchy and not uncomfortable. One of the chains broke already so I may need to make some repairs/reinforcements. It is made in the USA though, which is a plus! :D

That's all for now... the weather has been so chilly here lately, I seriously cannot believe it's supposed to be May!! :(