Friday, March 30, 2012

Kennedy Space Center Photos!

OK I feel inspired to post more in my blog. I have been ignoring it for so long and my test today sucked so much that I decided I need to take my mind off of school for a while now! :D

So yes, Sean and I went to Florida on March 9th this month and we got to stay until the 20th. I am sad to be back in St. Louis but I guess I can't stay in Florida forever! (Although I did apply for a job there!)

I hope you guys like the photos. I know it's not gyaru or lolita or mori girl or even cosmetic/beauty related but hey, travel is fun! I will try to post the rest of my photos and maybe a few from the LIGHTS concert soon too. :D


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For those who didn't know, Kennedy Space Center is actually on a nature preserve! We saw lots of alligators like this one and even bald eagles! It was cool!

These are the TALLEST DOORS in the WORLD! This is the building that houses the space shuttle before launch!!

This is the main engine of the space shuttle. It's SO BIG! (But wait till you see the Saturn V rocket!)

We took the tour bus to the Saturn V center. After we entered the doors, we saw a brief movie about the 1960s in the USA and the space race with Russia!!

A simulation of the command center the way it was for Apollo 11! You can read more about Apollo 11 here:

Saturn V rocket's exhaust nozzles! This thing is HUUUUUGE. My mind was blown! O_O;

My BF Sean, looking adorable as always. ;)

The Columbia Capsule from which the Apollo 11 crew returned to earth in!

How cool is that? This is a great picture I found on wiki too. ;) Gotta love the 60s!

Retro-y looking space suit, so weird!! O_O;

And another!

OK I saw this in the gift shop and I had to photograph it. ;)

They had an exhibit about getting students to study math, science, and engineering to join NASA. Shame, though, because of all of the recent budget cuts to the space program and the retiring of the shuttle. :( But I thought these posters were cool! I love the artwork. *__*;

This is a model of the newest Mars rover called Curiosity! It was launched November, 26th, 2011! (Right around Thanksgiving!) It's currently in transit to Mars!! You can track the progress of Curiosity here:
It is a part of the Mars Science Laboratory Program.
This is an important mission because the rover will be able to take samples for analysis to see if Mars could have supported life in the past!! Also it's important to help plan for a manned mission to Mars in the future. :)

Here is a picture of me standing in front of a rocket in their rocket garden! Look how tiny I am in comparison... @___@;;

And that's all for now! Hope you liked it and sorry for all of my incessant space ramblings! ;)


Some Stuff for Sale on eBay

I am so depressed that my jeans no longer fit me. I went from size 27 to size 28 in the course of a few months. Maybe more than a few. I don't know. But I am mostly sad because I can't wear my Miss Me Jeans anymore and I LOVE THEM omg. ;___; They have gorgeous rhinestones on the butt! Oh well.. I am hoping I can sell them to a loving home and then I can use the funds to buy a new pair or help to buy a new pair. A brand new pair is over $100, it's so annoying! ;__; maybe I can find a different brand with rhinestones on the back. I love jeans with rhinestones. They're like my bling-bling pants and great for rock gyaru. I even have a rhinestone belt!! xD

Anyway! I am selling some makeup too...LUSH and Eyeko.

If you don't see anything you like, passing it on to friends would be a great help to me. I just want a pair of pants that I love that fit me! ;____; lol!

And here is the rest of it.

Hilarious Fairy Drops Webcomic

Thought I would share this with you all:

Here is the translation courtesy my friend Manuela:

1 cant read the kanji, so small... the pink caption reads "President Aya, several years ago"
2 "Ahhh" "Huh...mascara?" "Mascara is important, I see"
3 "I'll try to cut it into an easy to brush toothbrush shape"
4 "Thanks to this form, my eyes look big and beautiful" "I did it!"
5 "This mascara is so good, I really want to sell it in America..." "Ok, I'll send a mail to Sephora!"
6 "Huh?! The buyer wants to meet me?" "I'm going right away!"
7 "It's also very popular at Amerika's Sephora" "I did it"

BTW I have their mascara, the kind you can buy in US Sephora shops and it's pretty awesome but it can be a little clumpy.

I wish I had the motivation to do in-depth reviews. I know I promised you all an Artka review...I should really get off my butt and do that tomorrow! >___<

Until then...Pinterest!! :D

And here is the rest of it.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a note... Awesome website!

Recently I stumbled on this website:

And it's FREAKING AWESOME. If you've ever wondered why they put X, Y, and Z in your cosmetics/shampoo/whatever you can totally find out. It's the perfect combo of science and beauty! I approve!! :D

In other news...even though I gained a little weight and decided I didn't want to dress gyaru for a while, I read this post and got inspired:

It really made me feel better about getting back to Gal!

Also reading this post about hair: has made me realize how I've been abusing the crap out of my hair, haha. I thought that simply switching to silicone free shampoo and stopping the bleaching of my hair would make it healthier (well it did but...) I realized I still abuse the crap out of it with heat tools like straightener oftentimes without even using heat protectant, same with a hair dryer. So I guess the bottom line is I need to be more careful. I also wanna try her coconut oil suggestion too! :D

Finally, seeing this post made me go O___O;; with glee!

I LOVE Liz Lisa so that really got me back in the gal spirit, lol.

In other news I am studying like mad for a test so I gotta get back to that. Only a just a little over a month to go till I graduate! My midterm grades were awesome, so yay, and I had a relaxing spring break in Florida with my boyfriend! I took a bunch of pics at Kennedy Space Center and the Daytona 200, so I will need to get off my butt this weekend and upload those, lol.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eyeko at Sephora!

*Momentary break from my zombie state to tell you this!*

Opened my e-mail to see Sephora had just sent out their daily/weekly newsletter thingy and saw that they now carry one of my favorite make-up brands, Eyeko!

Yayness! All they have now is mascara though so fingers crossed for more soon! :D

And here is the rest of it.