Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Carving and Gun Shooting!

The other night my boyfriend and I carved some pumpkins! I wanted to share them with you all! ^____^

This one is mine! With a cute kitty on it. xD This one is Sean's. So cute! It took us about 2 hours to do these carvings too. @___@; but it was fun. I think I might carve more with my friends this coming weekend. :) Also we decided to practice shooting. It was my first time shooting a real gun! I was a little nervous for the noise and recoil but it wasn't that scary. lol. This is me shooting. @___@ M1911 with .22 rounds. They were easiest for me as a beginner and cheapest ammo, lol. Before and after targets. Did we improve?! :D Yes I know this post was very random, haha. I promise to post something more cohesive soon! >__<;;

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Belated Travel Photos #1: Philadelphia, PA

So I went to Philadelphia last month for a business trip! I am currently home from Seattle, actually, after another business trip. I only spent about 3 days in Philly but I spent 2 weeks in Seattle!!! I had a good time though and I definitely need to add photos soon! Also I have a brief post for you all with some photos of my new Ank Rouge tote and Cecil McBee tote. :D (Yes, I went shopping in the International district in Seattle. ^_^) Anyway! These are my photos from Philadelphia, PA last month! :D This was the view outside of my hotel room!!
OH! And I went to Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant! Had the Omakase tasting menu! It was a life-changing experience for sure. I guess I just really love food! ^___^ Fresh uni, UNFFF. Raw yellowtail (tar tar?) Really good! Seared tuna salad. Scallop with corn and tuna "bacon" Duck breast served medium rare with cherry compote sauce! :D Most incredible sushi! SO fresh!!! Dessert! Goat cheesecake with mission fig, green tea sauce, and port wine jellies! I have many more photos I want to share but my post is so long already. And I want to do some updates to my makeup and clothing collection, haha. Or some product reviews too, maybe? Plus, I just got back from Seattle and I am SO exhausted. Maybe tomorrow night? :)