Friday, October 28, 2011

"Artka" TaoBao Shop!

Yesterday night I was helping my boyfriend browse for a cheap suit and tie on And during my browsing, I discovered a really, REALLY cool shop! It's called "Artka" and they have a pretty nice selection of dresses and sweaters. My favorites are mostly the dresses....they have skirts and tops too but really, the dresses are what caught my eye! Here are some of the ones I love the most below.

Tell me which is/are your favorite/s!! :)


I think I might order this lovely red dress. It's the dress that drew my attention to Artka's shop in the first place. :) It reminds me a little of classic lolita and sweet lolita but without too much over-the-top-ness. :D

This blue dress is to die for. Seriously. I love it so much! It definitely reminds me a little of traditional Chinese garb and yet somehow it's also kind of "Gypsy" almost maybe? It comes in white too but blue is my favorite by far!

I am so tempted to buy this dress too. I LOVE unique! And the print with the flowers reminds me of a watercolor painting. :D Here is another shot of it.

Another one on my wishlist for reminds me a lot of Juliette et Justine or even Millenoirs...both classic/gothic lolita brands. :D I am debating whether to order it or not. My BF said he didn't like the black lace on it. But I adore it. *__*; Apparently this is from their "lolita" collection.

Another one I am positively in love with! It's so lovely...also kind of reminds me of Millenoirs brand. <3 More of a turquoise blue but I still love it! A lot of these remind me of paintings too and I think they were inspired by paintings because if you go to a dress product page it has all sorts of artwork on the top.

A blouse version of one of the blue dress above.

Reminds me a lot of mori girl style! I really want this one but I already own a lot of these colors!! >_<;;

Another one that looks sorta mori/dolly kei.

GORGEOUS black dress! Soooooo much love! <3

Red dress with black accents...reminds me of ethnic garb as well.

I love the belts on this one...I think it might be a little hard for me to pull off though for daily wear.... LOL!

A simple grey and white dress. Reminds me of Juliette et Justine.

I don't think I'd buy this one myself but it's really lovely and worth mentioning. I could see it being used in a really awesome dolly kei coordinate! :D

AWESOME BOOTS. 'nuff said! I REALLY want these but the biggest size they come in is EU39 which is like a US8 ish. I am about a US9 or a EU40/41. =___=;; I think I am going to see if I can get someone who speaks Chinese to ask if they can make them custom for me one size larger. :D These really remind me of Amir's clothing from Bride's Story...I mentioned it a few posts back. It's a manga about a girl living on the Silk Road in the early 1900s! These remind me of her boots. :D Even this model is wearing very similar style boots! I want those too! xD

I really adore this sweater. It's so simple and mori looking and yet has a unique design to it! :)

They have skirts too. Some are long and floaty and some are just...denim!

I really like how they have some basic and casual items which look outdoorsie/mori-like, and then they have CRAZY extravagent looking items...some of which look like they were inspired by Rococo paintings!

The prices seem to range like $40 - $70 US. That's kind of expensive for TaoBao, IMHO, but still cheaper than dresses at, say, Grimoire, or Anthropologie! :) I definitely plan to make an order. I will make another post once I receive my goods with a review of their shop! :)

Oh and unrelated to Artka but my BF found a really cool belt on Taobao that comes in many different colors. He said it reminded him of the Artka stuff. xD How cool!

So tell me what you think, everyone!! Do you like these dresses? Any favorites? I will definitely post pics of whatever I end up getting. I can't get too many because they're not very I imagine I will have a very difficult time deciding. >_<;;;

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I DID IT!!!!! :)

Dear readers,

I am so excited!

I got the holiday part-time job at LUSH Cosmetics! :)

Seriously, super excited. I've already been to a few training sessions and I'm now officially on their payroll. Now all I have to do is not spend my entire paycheck there in the store, hehe. The discount is awesome but I don't think it would be right to disclose how much it is. But it's enough to have the employees try out a lot of different products. I am more willing to try something I don't normally buy just to see if I'd like it, and that way I can help customers better when it comes to deciding what they can buy to suit their needs...yay! :)

I guess that's all I wanted to say with this post, haha. But I guess if anyone has any questions about what it's like to work for LUSH feel free to ask me, and I can try to answer your questions but some things are confidential! I obviously don't want to get in trouble by answering anything. >__<;; but I am so excited! :)

BTW If you've never heard of LUSH, check out their website to learn more and to find a store near you. They make everything by hand, do not test on animals or buy supplies from companies who do, and everything they make is fresh, vegetarian, and good value! Their products actually work, especially their skin care which is on par with a lot of the other really great skincares I've used, but even better because it's super fresh and no animal testing. :) What more could ya ask for? Anyway! That's all I wanted to say in this post. :3

Here's a great post with more info on how to get a job at LUSH!

And here is the rest of it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Fashion...leading into winter.

As the outside air temp has been dropping (and oddly, rising) I've been drooling over some fall clothing. Leggings, colorful tights, fur...

I know snakeskin is hella on-trend right now but I really just hate the way it looks. It kind of makes me think of "tacky" and "cheap" stuff from the '70s or '80s some other period of awkward snakeskin-induced fashion. >_>;; Or just over the top Western. In a bad way, lol. As in not in the cutesie Liz Lisa way I adore. But I am sure Liz Lisa could somehow make pink snake skin look cute hahaha. xD

I totally bought this whole outfit:

And by whole outfit I mean the hat and dress, hehe. It reminds me of something from the '70s and this time, in a good way. :3 I think I accidentally bought the brown hat instead of the grey one though which pissed me off a bit. I wish would just link to all of the items a model is wearing so you can buy them all or some individually, ya know?

Click below for more...

I really love NASTY GAL's styling:

But I really hate their name. Nasty Gal? Seriously? That just sounds...dirty...or mean...I don't know! I don't really get it. Maybe it's some kind of inside joke with the owner? LOL. I've only ever bought one item from them and it kind of fell apart after wearing it for a little bit (lace top) but I still love it and I will probably repair it. I love their fall stylish especially. They were the source of my learning about JC shoes.

It also kinda bugs me that I feel like I can't pull off a lot of their looks because I am not stick thin.... ugh. But I'll save another post for that rant, lol!!

I've been stalking Grimoire's blog again by the way. Totally inspired by these lovely nails:

I've got the magnetic nail polish from Sephora by Nails Inc, btw.

And also with the '70s theme I've got going on for this post...from the Grimoire blog, this gem:

LOVE! <3 Sooo gorgeous. Mysterious...that's what I love about dolly kei style. With a hint of RPG!

More from Grimoire:

So lovely!

And lastly...

This scarf/shawl reminded me SO much of Amir's clothing from that manga called Bride's Story!! :)

Silk road much? I love it! I wanna do an Amir inspired coord. :)


I just love her outfit and I want to cosplay her one day too! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What the--?! Aromaleigh is BACK!

I was checking out Phyrra's blog when I saw a post she made about Aromaleigh's new collection....and I was like...wait WHAT?! Aromaleigh is BACK? Yes!! It's true!

I am digging her astronomical collection, being the space nerd that I am... :x

Can't send a satellite into space without looking fab. :3 (That's my senior design project btw...and a source of much stress...we had our midterm review today! I am currently researching communication components!) @____@;;

They've also got a fashion inspired collection!

"Fall Tapestry"...

What do you make-up lovers think? Might order some? For now I am actually thinking about getting some more from Morgana's...which I still need to review! But I just had to make a quick post about this.

(All pics from their site....and NASA.)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Innocent World Pullip "Tiphona" first ever Pullip doll who I named Evangeline. :)

I'm sure some of you bloggers out there--lolita, gyaru, dolly kei, mori girl, visual kei--or just anyone really, has a penchant for cute DOLLS! :D

I've always wanted a Volks BJD but alas...sooo expensive. ;___; I remember when I lived in Sapporo...I'd walk to the Volks shop to browse the cheaper Obitsu doll bodies and accessories and walk past the amazingly gorgeous, life-like ball jointed dolls and swoon. But $500+ for a doll? No matter how lovely they looked to me, I just could not bring myself to purchase one. I wanted to spend my $ on lolita because I always felt that a doll would just sit on my shelf ...I'm not really into photography (as you might have guessed from my crappy self-pics on this blog!) so I wouldn't even really take that many photos of it...although the doll...he or she...! would be a great photo subject. :3 hehe.

If I ever do get a BJD it will probably be from this site:
Doll in Mind
I love their dolls! :D

Tell me, you have any dolls? If so, what kinds? What are their names? How do you like to play with them (or not)? Or do you find dolls creepy? I think they're really lovely and I don't see how anyone could find them creepy but it's OK if you do!! :P Also I think lolita x dolls is such a good idea...I feel like they go hand in hand but that's just me. I am not one of those people who thinks all dolls have a soul or whatever, haha, but I won't judge you if you do!

Click below to see my Pullip Wishlist, and the sweet little girl I just ordered! :3

Here is a picture of me and my Pullip Tiphona who I named Evangeline (elegant name!) together in the forest:


So cute! I love how she is wearing the same dress as me (Pompadour by Innocent World!) It's my dream dress by that brand and as soon as I saw a Pullip Doll wearing it, I just had to get the doll to match with me. I got the wig for that matching coordinate too. I am crazy, I know, haha, but at least it was cheap on eBay!

Here are some Pullips on my wishlist. I love Pullips because they're cute without looking too creepy. They look devious/whimsical almost and I love how you can customize their bodies, clothing, hair, and change the eyes positioning. :D They're also wayyy cheaper than a full BJD with clothing, shoes, and face-up. And I am way less paranoid about breaking one because they're not $500 each. @___@;;


Pullip Porte Henri. She is so lovely. I can't get over how pretty her face and outfit are. :3

Pullip Dita. A cute lolita-esque looking Pullip. It looks like she's wearing a perfect Country Lolita type of outfit. :3 So sweet!!

Pullip Cinciallegra. She is sooooo sweet (especially her face-up) and the wig and dress really complete the look. Reminds me of mori girl a bit mixed with Cinderella (before she gets her fancy princess dress, of course!) Also reminds me of dolly kei or something you'd find on a shelf at the Grimoire shop in Japan. ;3

Pullip Clarity....the only Pullip on here who doesn't look like a lolita. xD I love her so much though and I almost bought her today but I got Romantic Alice instead. I think I will need to get her soon because she is so classy and elegant, like a retro starlet. Kind of vintage but so sweet looking. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn somehow despite the hair color being different. :3

Pullip Nella. She is a collaboration with Alice and the Pirates. I want to preorder her! She won't be in till December though. :( She comes with many cute accessories, I love her face-up, and I especially love the braids in her hair!! So lovely and sweet despite her gothic outfit. :) There's a matching boy Pullip to go with her too.

And second to last.....

J-Doll Loosterweg Noord. J-Dolls aren't Pullips, but I wanted to include her because she took my breath away! I am hesitant to pay her cost because I am not sure about J-Dolls...does anyone own one? How are they? Good quality? She would look so lovely next to my Tiphona, for sure. :3 *swoon!* I think J-Dolls are supposed to be wearing clothing inspired by around the world trends. :3 And they are named after streets.

And finally.....

......Romantic Alice! I just bought her today. I cannot wait to get her in the mail. She is so sweet and will be a good friend to my Pullip Tiphona aka Eva. :)
I want to give my new doll a name! Any suggestions? Or should I just be uncreative and stick with "Alice"? It's hard to rename a doll with a character name already! :3 Especially when she looks just like Alice!! :D

Maybe I should have a naming contest? If I like your name, you win a prize! Haha! I dunno! :)

Coordinate Post! (Mostly Modcloth!)

In an effort to stay updated, here are a few coordinates from...well...random times! I just never uploaded them. I kind of want to do a food post too b/c there were so many random things I ate this summer that I just ~had~ to take photos of. Actually, recipes I wanna share too...I've been wanting to include more of those in my blog because I adore baking. Almost enough to create a whole separate blog for it...

Really old photo from this past spring:

Dress from Modcloth. xD I love them!

Black and White Suit Worn

Cute Sailor dress from Modcloth (sorry for bad pic!)

One of my favorite tops...from Modcloth...sadly the dye in the yellow lace faded and now it's white lace...

Cute fawn dress!! Also Modcloth. xD
One more pic!

Another M.C. dress but sadly they no longer have it for sale. :( I got it super cheap in their latest big sale. :3

With tights from my previous post and some Jeffrey Campbell shoes! ;3

Sakura Festival Dress from MC:

Also my Baviphat skincare stuff came in the mail! I am wearing it now! It's amazing and I can't wait to review it! :3