Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dolly Kei Hair Accessories!

I was inspired by Hitomi's line called "Dolly"...so I decided to try my hand at making my own dolly kei hair accessories!

It's my first time making these, so con crit is appreciated.

Also I am still debating of a way to attach these to the head--headbands? Hair clips? Barrettes? Pins? Please, give me your input! :) I have some barrettes but they're HUGE. Also the hair clips that snap back and forth seem too small/flimsy for such a large flower. I am considering glueing on a felt patch that contains some kind of alligator clasp along with a pin to make these into brooches! What do you think?

I will use the smaller hair clips with smaller roses to make tinier ones. :)

Click the jump to see pics!



Hair clip/brooch:

Another hairclip/brooch, slightly larger one:

This hairclip/brooch has a cute patch of feathers on it! :)

Underside, without the felt added on yet:

What do you girls think?? :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Layout!

I decided it was time for a layout change. Darker colors for fall and winter? Except that autumn is definitely over with and winter is almost(?!) over with? :-S

But that's OK.

I am STILL trying to iron out the wrinkles. The bg doesn't align properly and I can't seem to find a way to change the "read more" png image yet. I am sifting through my HTML and I can't seem to find the url for it. GAWH.

LOL blogfail.

Thanks for bearing with me, dear readers! I am 100% NOT a graphic design-inclined individual. But believe it or not that has changed over the years.

So my banner is featuring lovely girls in dolly kei fashion since that seems to be my "next big thing" that I'm into. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned gyaru or lolita by any means (or mori despite so much crossover between mori and dolly kei fashions) but I am just really obssessing over dolly kei lately. xD So last time my banner featured gyaru but now it's dolly kei. Maybe next time will be mori or lolita or some other fashion. IDK yet. It seems like it's a reflection of my current mood/fashion interests. Maybe we'll even see a punk or goth banner? xD I am so lazy when it comes to changing these though :-S Maybe now that I have time I'll make a bunch of different ones or something for future use? :S

OK I am rambling now. STAY TUNED! I want to do makeup tutorials next!!

And here is the rest of it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Finally! An Update! Dolly kei finds on Etsy!

So I am finally in this country again. @___@; Jamaica was SUPER fun though. I went to a really sweet resort called Hedonism II. It totally has a nude beach. :3 No tan lines! Haha! But that's out little secret. >__>; *shifty eyes*

Anyhoo. So I have decided since I am falling more and more in love w/ Grimoire, I think I want to start my own little mini-Grimoire on Etsy inspired by the shop and the dolly kei style in general. The plan is to google for local estate sales and hit those up and purchase lots of dolly kei style clothes and sell them on Etsy for really reasonable prices! No paying $80 for a dress! Especially an outrageously old one. That's just dumb. Honestly. @__@; Anyway.

My makeup is pretty much all made but I don't have labels for any of it yet, so a certain special boy is supposed to help me with those come January. ;) My main issue before is that I couldn't get the labels to align and they were all printing crookedly. >_<; Fail! Gotta fix that and print ingredient labels as well!!! @_@; so much to do! Oy! 2011 is gonna be busy! I have a lot on my plate. I want to lose weight, start up this business/shop, and above all, produce some great coordinates of my own and have a ton of fun!

Speaking of coordinates! I have purchased quite a few new items for dolly kei. Click the little cut-thing below to see pictures and read pointless banter! Ahoy! :)

Virgin of Guadalupe Skirt. (OMG! I freaking love it.) It was handmade by a girl on Etsy. Turns out she loves dolly kei too! I am definitely going to be keeping an eye on her shop for more really cute items. I plan on coordinating this with black and possibly red or yellow too! Maybe even green! GREEN! :D I can see myself wearing this with a black turtleneck and black tights with some killer black boots or even just flats!

A GORGEOUS skirt that was even featured on the Grimoire shop page! Except this skirt has been altered, I believe, to be shorter. I had been wanting this for ages but I didn't want to pay the shipping price from Slovenia so I just politely asked the lady selling it if I could get a cheaper shipping method that would take longer (which I do not mind!) and she OK'd it so voila! :) Yay!!! I feel like I own a piece of Grimoire's stock now...but not really! xDD

Tooled leather bag from the 70s! I got it because I wanted a slightly larger one than the one I used in my photoshoot. So yeah....I've also seen tons of these pop up on Grimoire's shop blog. :D

Another lovely item from the 1970s--a vintage tapestry bag! I kept seeing these on the Grimoire shop blog. And then I saw one tonight at a pawn shop but it wasn't for sale (wtf?) lol. So I got this one instead on Etsy. =]

My #1 absolutely most prized dolly kei item EVER. 8-) I used it in a photoshoot not too long ago. I ADORE it. :D It perfectly captures the dolly kei vibe!

The aforementioned photoshoot included this dress...it was definitely a steal at $14.99. Unfortunately it had holes in the armpits...I STILL need to fix this. @__@; I ADORE it though--it has gotten SO much wear already. xD

Bought this little gem tonight! I plan to coordinate it with a black belt, black shawl, and black tassels around the waist!! :) Maybe a black top hat to go with it or something like that? 8-)

That's all for now...I have a few other items in my eyesight but IDK if I will actually buy them or not. I think I may post a screencap of my wishlist on Etsy. Some BEAUTIFUL stuff but soooooo expensive!! Gawh!! Hehehe. *drools*

Hmm what else? I think that's it for now. Oh and I also got an all white Gunne Sax dress. My first ever gunne sax purchase. xD From eBay. But it's not been shipped yet due to me not being able to pay till post Jamaica vacation. I HOPE IT FITS gaw. It's like a tiny bit small I think, for me, but we shall seeee.


I need to make some of these LIKE NOW!

I found an old glue gun and stick in my closet, so I know what my next craft project is going to be while I am down here in Florida. :)

Finally, I made a post on dolly kei comm on LJ asking why girls dressed in dolly kei. This was a really great response:

"I've always wanted to look like I was living in a fairytail, but not the princessy like, I wanted the magic, the mystery, the quirckyness, the morbid facination with a bit of elegance and some cool gadgets. Dolly Kei, lolita and Steampunk have these elements and I think they would fit well together. So to conclude this long rant, these fashion styles represent to me the will and freedom to be yourself and to not let anyone stand in your way!"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Temporary Hiatus

As you may have noticed, I haven't updated in a while. :'(

It's finals week at my uni so things have been SO busy. And I am going out of the country on the 16th of December and I won't really be back till after Xmas.....! I am going to sunny JAMAICA! :)

So unfortunately there won't be many updates after this until maybe January.

Sorry about that!

But I promise I have TONS of content to put in, just sooo busy with school! >_<;

Until next time!