Monday, June 28, 2010

Modcloth Love

Uh oh I have started to get in the habit of not updating! Uwaah! I am sorry! n___n;
Lately I've been busy reading books for my new summer class...but who wants to hear about boring stuff like that? :o)

Onto the modcloth goodness!

So I got my Modcloth package in the mail. I ordered three items:

Mint Cardigan

So beautiful. It's a little small on me but the medium would have been really wide. It's meant to be worn over a dress anyway like a JSK for lolita or with some thin t shirt for fairy kei. Nothing too fancy. It's such a beautiful shade of green IRL. Photos forthcoming!

Black '50s Style Dress

The most expensive dress I have ever purchased from Modcloth but well worth it. Extremely well tailored! Reminds me of the 1950s! It makes me just want to go out on a date with someone cute and have ice cream or something from a soda fountain type place. (Fountain on Locust anyone?) LOL. It's linen so kinda bad for daytime summer wear but I still adore it. Also the waist sits kinda low...not at my natural waist. Maybe my torso is shorter than I thought?? HMMM.

Orange Lipstick....from that company-that-shall-not-be-named, lol..

So alas...I finally buckled down and bought stuff from Lime Crime. Well technically this is not the first time I bought from them and technically, also, I bought from Modcloth. So I am supporting a local business, right? Hah. IDK. It was priced the same as the Lime Crime site so IDK if Modcloth is even making anything from them. IDK. Maybe LC pays MC an amount to feature their products? Must be...unless...? LOL.

So yeah LC is infamous for it's repackaging. I left a review on Modcloth's site that talked about that. But yeah. So, I a while ago I bought some blush and eyeshadow from them. Then they released these lipsticks. I really adore their lipstick packaging. Hell, packaging in general. Who couldn't adore a sparkly purple unicorn anything? Hah. Well The truth of the matter is, folks, you are paying for the packaging, because you can get this same makeup for DIRT cheap on like...eBay....or from this other brand whose name I forgot... but if you go to Lipsticks and Lightsabers blog, or just google "Lime Crime Repackaging" (it should even autocomplete your search) you will see what I mean. I think it was Earth Minerals or something. Yeah. Strictly packaging.

Truth be told, it's kind of greasy. You really need to exfoliate and prime your lips with lip primer or balm before using this and lipliner really helps. Some gloss to seal it will keep it from budging. But seriously now. It's nothing special formula wise, maybe even inferior. I would have bought Sephora's orange lipstick if they still made it. I am so sad they no longer have the "awesome" colors like orange, green, purple, and blue. DAMN IT SEPHORA. I really want some gold lipstick too or silver. I might have to get it am not sure where else one might get that from. Amphigory is a great place to buy from too. A small indie cosmetics place and they sell wigs and hair dye and cool jewelry too. Check em out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jelly Pong Pong Arrival!

それが最終的にここにある! ロング化粧品の到着を待っていた!


I am so happy! I finally got my shipment (yesterday) of Jelly Pong Pong cosmetics! Jelly Pong Pong is a brand from England. I was initially drawn in by their cute packaging...I first discovered them on which is a wonderful make-up blog that I recommend you check out if you are into makeup! I can only dream of one day having a blog as huge and successful as The Muse's! She has a tag for practically every brand imaginable and has reviewed what seems like thousands of products! :3

Anyway! On with the reviews!

I bought six products:

Lip Orchid in Petal Pink
- a beautiful shimmery pink eyeshadow that comes in a little tin with a faux orchid on top! So lovely! It moisturizes your lip, smells good, highly pigmented, and lasts a while! Very much recommended!

Cheek Puff - a delicate whip of dark rosy almost translucent cream. It's very light and easy to rub into your cheeks for a great blushing look! I really adore this product especially the little peep on the box. :3

Shadow Taffy - soft, delicate, almost-powder almost-cream for your eyes. One swipe is all you need for velvety eye shadow. It does tend to crease so wear it with an eye primer!! The packaging is my favorite for this one. It's a little bird inside of a little gazebo-type thing and the bird is attached to the tin so you can take him with you on the go. :D The taffy comes in two colors in one tin --bronze and pink-ish.

Crystallizer - four different colors of beautiful, shimmery powder in one magical little ball. Comes with a black blotting pad. The jar itself could double as a mirror because of how reflective it is! Perfect for a night out!

Fairy Lashes + Mascara Set - beautiful, soft fake lashes that look like something out of a fairy tale for sure!! Comes with beeswax-based mascara. According to the site you can layer the mascara without buildup because of the natural beeswax. Will post pics of me wearing the lashes later!

Venus Pearls in Worship - sexy golden pearls in a bed of sleek, gold dust. If you take a pearl and crush it, it becomes PINK! These are available in other colors as well. Great for a gold + pink look. Truly luxurious, and they make me feel like a goddess!! :D

Video Review on my Youtube Channel:

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Edit: I promise photos will come later! I have to eat dinner now. ^^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


あなたはゴシックロリータファッション好きですか?あなたはギャルファッション好きですか? あなたは妖精系ファッション好きですか?さて、あなたは正しい場所にいる!YAY!

Welcome to my new blog. Yay! I am still working on the webdesign of it...I really, really suck at webdesign so please feel free to make any suggestions or if you know someone who can help me, that'd be great.

For those who do not know, this blog is primarily going to be to showcase my love of lolita and gyaru fashion with a smattering of fairy kei, which I am still learning about. :3

I will also make sporadic cosmetics reviews and tutorials for those who like that sort of thing.

OH and many photos of my new kitty, ARTEMIS. :D

Stay tuned!! Feel free to start following me now, I will add more content later!!


Edit: New header is a go! :o) Took me a few hours but I think I am satisfied so far! Hehehe! Now I need a cute background...working on that now! :D

Edit #2: So I am still working out the kinks and it looks like until I have time to mess with PHP, the "read more" link is going to appear on every post irregardless of whether or not there is more to read about! Sorry! Working on fixing it...