Friday, December 27, 2013


Belated Merry Christmas to everyone in the blogosphere! :)

My tree! ^__^

I'm trying to stay warm by knitting things again. Actually, I learned how to knit several years ago and I had only produced 1 scarf. It happens to be a very cute pastel green/pale mint green scarf which I do love but I only wear it with other equally cutesy and pastel-y things. So a few years back, I had purchased some wonderfully amazing 100% Baby Alpaca yarn by Cascade Yarns in a rather lovely shade of burgundy/red. (I think their colorway is "Ruby" actually.) Well, around Thanksgiving of this year, I decided to finish knitting that freakin' scarf...I had only completed about 1/3 of the project and I was quite disappointed in myself for stopping. Mostly because I hate leaving projects unfinished but also because this yarn is FUCKING AWESOME. It smells good. It feels oh-so-soft. It's beautiful. Did I mention it smells good? Omg. I never realized "yarn huffing" was a "thing" until I sniffed me some 100% baby alpaca yarn. Omg. So good. (Seriously just pick up a skein and sniff it sometime! Has to be 100% tho...or else it might smell different!) So anyway. I finished said scarf.

Now I have two scarves... and the addiction begins...(or continues? depends on how you look at it.)

Awww yeeaaaa! So warm! And gorgeous. Check dat yarn lustre! xD

It's just a garter stitch, so I am going to attempt crazier patterns soon. Right now I am working on a k2, p2 scarf in brown. Same type of yarn (100% Baby Alpaca Yarn) just different colorway.

BTW if you are on Ravelry (sort of like a Facebook type of site only for knitting/crocheting/weaving/yarn spinning, etc.) feel free to add me as a friend on there! :) And/or just creep on my projects mercilessly! I don't mind! ;3

Did I mention I enjoy drinking and knitting at the same time??

Wine + knitting...

Beer + yarn winding...(tangling, lol!)

Also this isn't really related, but I am sort of addicted to the band CHVRCHES. Seriously. IDK why I love to listen to electronic music whilst knitting (and drinking) simultaneously...but it does makes the project go by so much faster when you're listening to a favorite band (at least for the time being) and plus the alcohol makes my muscles relax and use less tension which is a problem often have as a n00b-knitter. (Try it, but don't get too drunk or you might drop some stitches, lol.)

Click Read More to see some more yarn porn and misc knitting related pix. :D

Treated myself to some knitting needles and other odds and ends for Christmas:

Received this cute knitting set as an XMas gift:

and some yarn:

Finished red scarf plus (an old pic of) my stash: