Tuesday, November 8, 2011

UPCOMING Birthday Giveaway! (This is the "feeler" post?! LOL!)

OK, I know...I should have done a "1 Year Pretty Kiss Blog Anniversary Giveaway" when my blog turned 1 year old this summer...but I totally forgot! Durrrh!

Yay google images, lol.

Instead, I'll be having a REALLY sweet giveaway (I promise it will be cool!) and it will begin in the next week or so and it will end on my birthday, December 1st.
I wanted to have the giveaway BEGIN on my birthday, but the first couple of weeks of December are final exam time for my university, so I probably won't have time to compile one. I might just compile it now, and have it start then, and end on the 31st. Hmm. We shall see...!

What will the prizes be? Well I haven't solidified it yet but here's the plan:

- There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize!
- Prize items will probably involve make-up, accessories, stationery, etc.
- There will be runner-up prizes too.
- Items will be CUTE for sure, and/or useful. :3
- Will ship WORLDWIDE! Doesn't matter if you live in my country (USA) or not! :)
- I will try to put items everyone would like so it won't be just gyaru-themed stuff or lolita-themed....maybe a little bit of gal, loli, mori, and dolly. (Since those are my favorite styles and this is an all-embracing (aka ADD, lol) fashion blog!) Or maybe it will not be fashion-related at all, hehe.
- All you have to do is wait for my official post about it (once I solidify details!) and follow the instructions in that post. :3 Easy as pie!

So what do you all think? Would you be interested in something like this? I feel like my blog is too small for a huge giveaway thing but I honestly just want to give stuff away to people. I've accrued so much extra make-up, stationery, and other random and cute things that I know I will never use it all. I want to send cute stuff to loving homes where other girls (or guys?!) will use 'em! :D That's about it for now. xD I shall try my best for another update soon! :)


(I wish I could toggle these off when I have no need for them, bahaha. Codingfail on my part, sorry guys!)