Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fancy Food!

A girl friend and I decided to eat at a fancy restaurant last week. It's called Niche and it's New American type of cuisine. It's my favorite restaurant in the whole city. *__* I can't afford to eat such fancy food every day but it's good to go there maybe on my birthday or for a special occasion. But I really wanted my friend to try it because she loves trying new thing! :)

Enjoy the photos!!


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Whew! Lotsa pics.

Here are some more from last year when I went with my boyfriend for my birthday dinner. Some dishes are similar and some are completely different! But they all have an artistic element to them. :)



I am planning to do a few more of these types of foodporn photo posts soon! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nail Stickers + Bike Riding!

I recently just bought these and I put them on already!

They're really cute...they're blue with little blue birds on them!

sorry for my dry hands ;___;

I got mine from my local Sephora store but you can buy them online too. Also I have tried the Sally Hansen brand ones too and they're cheaper and just as effective but the Sephora ones come in different colors. I had enough left over to do my big toes too! ;)

Also I am EXHAUSTED. I rode motorcycles for 2 days now! Sorry I don't have a photo. It was like, 108F (42C for y'all metric using folk!) @___@; It was bananas. It was my first time learning and It was definitely hard at first. Once I got the hang of using the clutch and break together, it wasn't so bad. Gear shifting was annoying as heck but that's probably because the transmission of the learner bikes had been roughed up so many times by people forgetting to use the clutch properly, e.g. when shifting gears! I was totally guilty of that. I didn't fall off, but one guy did. He gripped his right break too hard and nearly did a stoppie. Scary! Haha. And then he fell. Ouch! I did drop the bike once but it was no big deal, just killed the engine and had a hard time getting it back up again! Bike is heavy! 250lb+ and I am a mere 130....maybe. 138 now, haha, I am getting chunky. ;)

My boyfriend Sean, and I took the class together. We didn't get our endorsement yet but we'll probably apply for a learners permit, get a cheap bike, and ride during the day time in parking lots to practice. All of our practicing was done in a HUGE roped-off, very safe (yet tar-filled) parking lot behind the community college. We rode on Suzuki GZ250s. I really liked this bike!

So how are you all doing? Ever ride a motorcycle before? Ever use nail stickers before? Sorry this post is so random. Nails and bikes, oh my! LOL. :)

Also I bought a new outfit at Urban Outfitters this past weekend. I REALLY REALLY love it but my boyfriend hates it! :(

Click below to see a couple of post is already getting long. ;)

I tried on two different colors. I also got a necklace! I can't wait to post the full outfit with my UNIF Hellbound shoes!! :D



I ended up buying pink even though I think green looks better because I can coordinate my skirt with more of my wardrobe colors. ;)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

NEW Sailor Moon Anime in 2013?

I logged onto LiveJournal for the first time in a while and I saw this on the front page:



*screams of joy*


What do you guys think? I am worried they won't "do it well" and end up with something really terrible. But I doubt Naoko would let that happen!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Independence day for America....otherwise known as a day off from work for me. ;)

Didn't do too much today. Sad that my boyfriend has work tonight, though. Of course, leave it to the casino to schedule him tonight. Last night I brought him some homemade chocolate chip cookies with red white and blue sugar on top as a surprise! He shared them with the other poker dealers too, hehe so cute. ^^

I decided I'd post some swatches of the new Fyrinnae eyeshadows I got. The photos kinda suck though because it's really hard to get natural light in my photos in this crappy little apartment with south-facing windows. D:

Oh and I should also mention.... I BOUGHT A HOUSE! OMG. It's so exciting!

Here's a photo of the front:

Click here to see photos of the inside. The furniture isn't mine, it's the previous owner, and we're in the process of buying it from him right now, so he's moving his stuff out right now and we'll go furniture shopping for new things soon! ^___^ the garden is gonna be EPIC lemme tell ya! ;)

Click below for makeupy stuff. xD

Fyrinnae New Eyeshadows! I talked about them briefly in this post.

Aye, Captain, Space Kitty, Superstars, When I Grow Up, and Cupcake Frosting.

The jar of white stuff is "fluff" one of their face products. It's a setting powder.
Also I got the golden lip lustre called Isis. See swatches below. xD

And swatches:

OH MY GOD. I think these may be my new favorite eyeshadows from an Indie makeup company. SO gorgeous. The glittery bits in them aren't technically glitter, if I recall correctly, so now I am wondering wtf they actually are? My magical faerie dust! FO SHO.

I also tried Samples of this Kawaii Set from Shiro Cosmetics. I'd heard a lot of things about them but never really tried them before. It was $7.00 for the sample set plus shipping, I think. I will have to do an actual review sometime soon! LOL.

(WTF, Photobucket...I rotated the photo but it's still displaying vertically... *sigh* I give up, lol!)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stylish Surprise from Modcloth + Forever 21 Finds!

So one of my favorite websites has sort of hopped on the "Lucky Pack" train so to speak and they are now offering periodic "Stylish Surprises." You basically pay $15 and then they send you something totally random in the mail! You also get to specify your size. I like it because (a.) you get to try something totally new and maybe out of your usual fashion comfort-zone and (b.) the price! $15 is totally a good deal considering you could anything from a formerly-expensive dress or a really nifty coat or pair of pants.
The obvious downsides are (a.) while I may be a size M in dresses, usually, I am almost always a size L in coats! And some brands run differently in terms of sizing so yeah... and (b.) you might end up with some hideous reject that couldn't even be sold after many sales and discounts on their website. So .... knowing the pros and cons, I decided to dive in and buy 2 items. So for $30 + $4 shipping I got the following:

Item 1: Dress.

It's wayyy too tight on my hips. Uncomfortable. If I had smaller hips, I could pull this off! But it looks bad, like I am a sausage being stuffed in casing. ;___; I am seeing if I can swap it for a different dress!

Item 2: Coat.

Oh god. I LOVE THIS. It's a little tight in the arms, though, a sad thing... like I said, I am always size L in coats. But I could wear this in late fall when it gets chilly out but I don't need to wear long sleeves underneath. I can't wear long sleeves underneath this because it will be painfully tight. But the torso part fits me so well. Coats confuse me. Sometimes the sleeves will be too tight and the torso part fits just right so if I sized up to make the sleeves fit better, the midsection part is too big. Curse sizing! =___=

Click below to see my F21 finds!

My finds!

Yesterday I went shopping at the mall with my friend Elle! We went to Sephora where I dropped a lot of my paycheck.... ~___~; (I got a Clarisonic Mia 2, YAY FINALLY!) and some Urban Decay Makeup. And thennn we went to Forever 21 where I spent like $90 (ugggh!) on clothing. BUT I got 3 dresses and 1 top and I love them all!

White Sundress:

Navy Blue Dot Dress

Orange Ruffle Top:

Peter Pan Collar Retro Dress:

I love them all! I have worn most of these already. Here is a photo of me wearing the last one from today:

Via Instragram. My Instragram username is TheFlyingAce so please follow me and I will follow you back! :)

Review: Holika Holika Red Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask

Already getting behind on my posts! Today I will be reviewing a new mask I got in the mail from an eBay seller.

Holika Holika Red Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask

Cost: $21.99 (shipping included)
From: Seller bello-girl on eBay.

Click the jump to read more!

For the most part, Korean sellers ship their goods in boxes like these.

Bubble wrapped inside.

Came with two small bbCream samples and a note.

The note always says some variation of this and is usually on cute stationery with abundant hilarious Engrish. ;)

The box.


There is a super cute little "wine cask" inside. It holds the product.

Bottom of the product.

You have to peal the seal!

The actual product inside is kinda...gelatinous. It's odd. If you pick up the container and shift it to one side as if you are going to spill it, the product will start to gradually, slowly, spill! It's nuts!

Comes with a scooper for hygienic purposes.

Here's what it looks like on my skin.

- Spreadable and soft, nice texture.
- Cute packaging!
- My skin was softer the next day but I still had bad acne/oil when I woke up.

- Smells kinda odd. Like grapes, only very artificial!
- Smell may bother your skin if it's sensitive.
- Texture may be too much for some.
- Doesn't really seem to do anything for my skin.
- Expensive for the size and had to ship from Korea on eBay. Some may not like this.

Overall thoughts: I doubt I'd buy this again. Like I said, it made my skin softer, but I didn't notice anything else. It claims to have some kind of dead skin cell removing properties but I can't verify that. It's also supposedly good for anti aging so if your skin is pretty dry/mature, I'd recommend this product for you. Also I have only tried it out for like 2 days now and no results yet so you MIGHT have to use it for over a week or month to see results!