Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh Me Oh My

It has been a long while since I posted here! OH NOES! I don't mean to neglect my blog!!! D:

Before I say anymore...here is my latest sales post on EGL comm sales. BUY MY STUFFF! :D


School has started up again though....and you know what that means....more homework...less....fun. D:


But anyhow! There are some photos I took that I never uploaded...so without further ado! :)

First up, I won a sweet set of two pairs of Canmake Eyelashes! SO pretttty!! :]
I may be getting some Candydoll Blush again too, this time shade of pink! :3

I also scored these sweet SBY notebooks! I have yet to figure out what I will put in them! I got all of these on eBay from a great seller across the river in IL at Scott AFB. She's a Japanese woman who sells a lot of GAL items. :3 Shipping is uber fast too since she lives so close to me, muwhahahaha!

I was sad to hear that Aromaleigh is closing down. Two years ago I bought eyeshadows from her and I loved them! My roommate also has some of her products...she was the one who told me the site is going down! OH NOES. But there's going to be a huge SALE on the remainder of her products soon, so yay. I will be on the lookout for that. Gothic Lolita collection here I come. :3


It is SO pretty! The keyboard skin is PINK and also removable! :D

Annnd watch get!

Too bad the Swimmer watch is broken! D: Mai is sending me a new one though! :3 The one on the left is from MA*RS and it's the white version of my black one! I wear these a lot now! :3


This pic is sweet enough to give me a toothache! I am so in love with ChocoMint. Seriously. I WANT THE WHOLE STORE!!!! MUWHAHAHAHA! It's not cheap though but I was able to stay under my limit this time heehee. I cannot waiiiit to do a Fairy Kei coord with all of these goodies. :3

Me trying on some of my ChocoMint goodies in a mildly fairy induced loli getup:

I got a tea set at goodwill for only about $6!! I got two cups, two saucers, and two plates! :3 Served with yummy macarons! :]


I made a Battenberg Cake but the marzipan was too dry and it fell apart! BOO! Lame sauce! I tried so hard to make it stick too! Oh well! First time for everything! :3 It was yummy nevertheless! :D

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND finally I leave you with......me looking creepy holding my doll. xD

The dress is by Innocent World. I traded my roommate for it. I traded my BtSSB green snow dot OP. xD YAY!


That's all for this update! Stay tuned for more actual posting this weekend! :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peachie Perfect Package P.2!


Peachie was sweet and sent me a package!

Plus debut of my new Moitie dress! YEEE!! :D

Not much else to say so hence the read more link doesn't work. Damn, I really need to get that all fixed. X____x;

And here is the rest of it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Long time no post! Pics!

Before you read my post, check out this great giveaway at the very awesome Finding Tokyo blog!
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Gosh, it's been forever and a day since I posted. n____n;

I'm so sorry! I've been ill in the ER from suspected food poisoning or some kind of highly contagious stomach virus! Not sure which but either way, it was awful! :<

ANYHOW! A few weekends ago I was at Metrocon in Tampa, FL with some lovely lolitas of Florida. :3

Then I came home to finish the last of my summer lectures. So now I am FREE (woohoo) 'till fall semester begins at the end of this month. Boooo. >_<; where has the summer gone?! It went by so fast...oh dear. :'(

Anyway! I have a few coordinates to share with you all and a picture of my ever-growing cross necklace collection.

For recent purchases I am getting my first ever Moi meme Moitie dress! YAY! And I will probably get a new hime wig from Cyperous in dark brown along with

Click the button, as usual, to see photos!

This is my new Liz Lisa dress:

I wore it last night with some black rose tights! Very hime-gal! I just wish I had some gigantic black rose clips for my shoes. :3

Lolita coordinate from a weekend or so ago:

Hat: eBay
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Metamorphose
Purse: TaoBao (??)
Socks: Baby
Shoes: Secret Shop

Metrocon OTT Loli Coord:

Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Purse: Swimmer (Borrowed from friend!)
Socks: Baby
Shoes: Secret Shop

Wristbling closeup of me and my friend:

Cross necklace collection as of a few days ago:

And of course, new hair:

I love me some cancan hats!

I got a Pullip doll too but I took a ton of photos of her so I will save that for another post, lol.