Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fyrinnae Comparisons (Rapunzel Had Extensions) + LUSH Dynamic Bonus!

FYRINNAE! So maybe some of you have heard that they have finally released some pretty cool PRESSED eyeshadows, right?

Have you been wondering about any of the shades and what they look like compared to their potted, loose cousins?

Well I have! Specifically the "Rapunzel Had Extensions" color. It is by far my absolute favorite Fyrinnae shade. I decided to go ahead and buy one and compare it to the one I already have.

Also did a much needed comparison of their old Romantique lip lustre to their new one. There is a bit of a different. I confirmed with them that this was on purpose and not an accident in their lab, lol. Click below for comparisons! I also threw in LUSH's "Dynamic" face color just for funzies because it's also a pinkish gold color of awesomeness.

I should just retitle this post as "pinkish gold awesomeness." Hehehehe. ;)

Sorry for this ulta-gross close-up of my face (ew pores!) but I figured I'd show off the shadows. I am wearing both the loose and pressed version, one on each eye. Truth be told, I forgot which eye had which but that's OK... because they are effectively the same, I mean, I can't even tell which is which so that's testimony to the fact that when they pressed it, any additives did not change the formula. I don't think it should (adding dimethicone?) but I am also not a chemist, so yeah. @___@; but I just wanted to shed doubt if anyone had any that the pressed ones would differ in color from the old shadows. It DOES look a little different when swatched next to the loose pigment but once again, I think it has to do with what they added to the formula to make it stay put.


Please click on it to see full version of pic with text. :D Here are all of my swatches. I tried to get a good flash on this because the lighting in my bathroom was terrible Friday morning when I was getting ready for work. @__@; But yeah, you can clearly see the difference between their old and new lip lustres and you can see that the eyeshadows remain relatively the same here. Also LUSH swatch in just for fun! :)

The above is a swatch of LUSH's (newish) "Dynamic" pigment. I *think* they market this as an eyeliner but truth be told, I almost never use it as such.... I always use it as a BLUSH or highlighter, to be honest, or even as eyeshadow or lip color. I rarely use it to line my eyes because it's hard to get it all where it should go. It ends up becoming mascara for my bottom lashes if I try to use it as a bottom liner, and if I use it as a top, it's so liquidy that I need to use a hair dryer to seal and dry it else it turns into an eyeshadow when I blink and smudges. ;) This is why I hate liquid and creamy shadows/liners! It's a really gorgeous color, though and I am totally in love with it. It stays put all day as a blush but tends to smudge more and crease more as an eyeshadow unless you use primer. Hope this post was semi-useful! Sorry for my bad photograph as always. ;___;

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Urban Decay Haul! (From a little while ago!)

When Urban Decay had their friends and family sale a few odd weeks ago, I decided to splurge and get a few goodies. ;) Overall, I was pretty happy with what I got despite being initially pissed to see the package all messed up. :(

WTF, Urban Decay? I should have sent them this picture but I didn't. Might have been postal service's fault anyway, I mean I guess they can't control it apart from use stronger boxes? The goods were packaged fairly well inside. More pics below!
This set is baller! I only paid about $18 for it but then it was also on sale for 20% off! Such a freaking awesome deal. I wanted to do a BYOP for a while now of all of the "Midnight" shades but this has quite a few. ;)

Love this amazing BYOP (build your own palette) melting rose case and the shadow it comes with. Pure awesomeness! The gloss is from the Midnight Emergency kit and it's such a lovely color, flatters any skin tone.

I got this quite a while ago at Sephora, and I love it. I like how they made the pots easily removable so you can snap them in and out. The case is pretty sturdy and hard metal so you can travel with it without worrying about breaking the delicate shadows inside.

This is what it looks like with the shadows in it! Love the brush it comes with too!

Also got this Vice Palette but didn't take many photos yet. I will have to add some later. xD I like that I can make a rainbow look with this palette! Some of these shadows are such cool colors...I mean look at that blue! Time to check out YouTube for inspirational tutorials. I like that they have some nice neutrals too. ;)

I would like to do some tutorials in the near future but I am still working out the camera situation here. ugh. ;___; I think my lack of photography ambition is slowly killing my poor blog. :( I have done so many cool outfits lately and been too lazy to post! LOL!

A little bit of Mori (food) inspiration post!

I really need to make more posts in my blog.... but unfortunately a few weeks ago when I was on my way to work I had a very terrible accident in my car and I was injured. I was depressed about what happened and I stopped caring about a lot of things for a while. I finally decided today that I would make some posts, probably a few in a row, so here is my first one!
Mori cooking inspiration....or rather the last few things I've done happen to be a little bit "mori" or at least it feels that way. I think autumn is really when I feel inspired by the forest and the outdoors in general. Mother nature turns the trees all sorts of lovely colors and I break out my layers and hot cocoa and tea and life is good.... right?! xD
Unfortunately I only have like one outfit photo and it's from a while ago. ;___; I need to get a better place to take photos like stat. My boyfriend wanted to buy me some photo equipment from but sadly he needs to pay for car parts to fix his car instead. :( Sad panda. Anyway! On to the pics! xD
Cute fairy garden! I saw this last night when I visited the 3rd Degree Glass Factory again! :)

Pumpkin seeds I roasted!

Rustic Beer Flight from a local pub

My homemade red potatoes with dill

Pumpkin pie I made with a REAL pumpkin! None of that canned stuff! ;P (Although if I am in a hurry I will use canned pumpkin puree because you don't have to roast a whole pumpkin for an hour, hehe.)

Rabbit and fresh gnocci from a local restaurant called 1111 Mississippi. They use a lot of a fresh and local ingredients. It would seem odd to eat a rabbit but rabbits are in abundance though this was probably farm raised instead of wild caught. Wild ones are probably tougher since they have to fight to survive. @__@; This is slow roasted in marinade and it's really soft and kind of delicate. Somewhat like a chicken flavor. If you haven't guessed by now, I could never be a vegetarian or vegan! >__<; lol.

Old photo but who doesn't love pancakes on a cold autumn morning?! (And this is also the reason why I need to go back to using my freaking Canon Rebel. But the iPhone is so much more convenient for photos because I ALWAYS have it on me and it's not big and bulky... lol.

I am going to visit my parents in Pittsburgh, PA on Tuesday so I will bring my camera, I promise! >__<;;

This was the turkey my mom and I made for Thanksgiving last year! I can't wait for Thanksgiving next week.... and then maybe Black Friday. @___@; Yes I am nuts I know!

Next post will have more make-up and fashion-y stuff, promise!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Carving and Gun Shooting!

The other night my boyfriend and I carved some pumpkins! I wanted to share them with you all! ^____^

This one is mine! With a cute kitty on it. xD This one is Sean's. So cute! It took us about 2 hours to do these carvings too. @___@; but it was fun. I think I might carve more with my friends this coming weekend. :) Also we decided to practice shooting. It was my first time shooting a real gun! I was a little nervous for the noise and recoil but it wasn't that scary. lol. This is me shooting. @___@ M1911 with .22 rounds. They were easiest for me as a beginner and cheapest ammo, lol. Before and after targets. Did we improve?! :D Yes I know this post was very random, haha. I promise to post something more cohesive soon! >__<;;

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Belated Travel Photos #1: Philadelphia, PA

So I went to Philadelphia last month for a business trip! I am currently home from Seattle, actually, after another business trip. I only spent about 3 days in Philly but I spent 2 weeks in Seattle!!! I had a good time though and I definitely need to add photos soon! Also I have a brief post for you all with some photos of my new Ank Rouge tote and Cecil McBee tote. :D (Yes, I went shopping in the International district in Seattle. ^_^) Anyway! These are my photos from Philadelphia, PA last month! :D This was the view outside of my hotel room!!
OH! And I went to Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant! Had the Omakase tasting menu! It was a life-changing experience for sure. I guess I just really love food! ^___^ Fresh uni, UNFFF. Raw yellowtail (tar tar?) Really good! Seared tuna salad. Scallop with corn and tuna "bacon" Duck breast served medium rare with cherry compote sauce! :D Most incredible sushi! SO fresh!!! Dessert! Goat cheesecake with mission fig, green tea sauce, and port wine jellies! I have many more photos I want to share but my post is so long already. And I want to do some updates to my makeup and clothing collection, haha. Or some product reviews too, maybe? Plus, I just got back from Seattle and I am SO exhausted. Maybe tomorrow night? :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lovely Glass Art!

My friend Elle and I went to Third Degree Glass Factory last night and we saw some amazing glass!


This is us from last night, Elle on left, and me on right. :) Click the Read More to see photos and stufff! :D

So cool! :D I wanted to buy ALL of the glass. Like so bad. But I ended up only getting one small vase for $40! It was expensive. ;___; but probably still a good deal considering how long it takes to make some of this stuff. I used to blow glass too, and it is definitely a labor of love for some people. Can be tedious when you are first learning. You mess up a lot, get frustrated, and start over! Paper weights are fairly easy to make depending on what kind. I made this paperweight at Third Degree during one of their classes last year, and I love it. It's so gorgeous, and I am glad I took this photo in natural light so you can see how beautiful it is. I am so bad at photography, and this was taken with an iPhone so yeah...not too bad for an iPhone. I need to start using my Canon Rebel more!

Reminds me of Materia from Final Fantasy.... or maybe the Life Stream. ;) *NERDALERT*

Longing to Cosplay...

Oh god, I hate the new blogger editor thing. UGGGH It's so bad! I want to send blogger my complaints! :( It's so confusing to use and just...ugh. Awful. Anyone else having issues? Or am I just bad at dealing with changes? LOL! Anyhoo...the real reason for my post is to share my new favorite cosplay site! I totally love it!
And I love the photoshop effects her boyfriend added too. Pretty nifty! Really brings the whole outfit to life. It's the female barbarian from Diablo III btw. I've been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 lately and I positively adore the costume designs. I really want to start making armor but I have no idea where to start. It's an expensive hobby too. ;___; and I am kinda broke at the moment, but that will change soon, when I sell more items on eBay or thrift shops. I have too much stuff...time to consolidate lol.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Sana Pore Putty

A while back, I saw this on Mitsu's blog, and I really wanted to try it for myself. She said it was the best purchase she had made on that trip to Japan. Wow. That's some big talkin'! ;) So I decided to try it for myself as there was a seller who had it on eBay for about $20 total including shipping. Steep price. But oh well, worth a shot, right?

It arrived in this cute envelope! Taiwan has such cute mailing envelopes. :D

Seller wrapped it pretty well.

Here's mine, unbagged.

The back.

The compact. Reminds me of Sailor Moon a little. ;)

The back. Made in Japan.

This is what it looks like when you open it up.

The pad comes out like so.

The formula.

Closer up image.

Here it is worn, on my skin. I didn't really like the way it looked, sadly. Hope you can still tell by the image, I was trying to get some natural light in my bathroom. :/

Cost: $20.40 from seller meilleurbeauty on eBay.

- Long lasting, waterproof.
- Excellent packaging design, comes with a mirror.
- Cute packaging.

- Too yellow for my skintone. :(
- Does not give full coverage, unless you apply it over a face primer and blend blend blend blend!!
- Expensive, can only buy it on eBay.

Overall, no, I would not buy this again at all. :( I think it would better suit my friend with yellow-er tones in her skin so I might see if she wants to try a swatch.