Monday, July 8, 2013

Wanting to Dress Gyaru...

Every so often I will throw stuff together when I am lounging around my house, bored, on a weekend. I will go all-out with my makeup, or I will spend hours trying to put together the right look, clothing-wise. And then I won't go anywhere. Part of wearing gyaru is confidence and sometimes I just don't feel confident, although wearing gal does make me feel beautiful on the outside when I am sick or feeling sad on the inside. That's something I have always loved about fashion...being able to escape and go to someplace else when the real world just isn't cutting it for me.

I love the simplicity of black and white. And yet it can be elegant...or casual...depending on which way you style it.

I wasn't wearing gal makeup in either of these photos. It was late at night, I am pretty sure I had work the next day, and I was feeling like shit. Lately, I was diagnosed with IBS so I have to be careful about what I eat, drink, what medicines I take, and letting stress get to me. Stress causes so many attacks. >__<;; Sometimes dressing up is the only relief I get. But wearing tight clothing can also bring me pain, so I try to avoid it when possible...part of the reason why I get so bummed out when something I lusted after for a long time ends up being too small/tight on me. I don't know what style of gal you'd call the black x white outfit above, but I was leaning towards oneegyaru....anyone have any better ideas for what to call it? Maybe just grown-up elegant style? IDK. I always thought that's what oneegyaru was.... 'older sister gal' like a Liz Lisa graduate, lol? I will never stop wearing Liz Lisa. Or Liz Lisa-inspired outfits. See below:
I got this from a totally awesome Korean eBay seller located in California. She sells her clothing as full outfits. I highly recommend checking her out. I don't even know her or anything, but she has great style. I messaged her asking if she had a blog/instagram/lookbook/etc. but to my disappointment, she doesn't. Or maybe she didn't want to share it with me cause she was creeped out by my fangirl-ing, heehee! :D At the time of this post, she doesn't have anything up for sale. But I signed up for notifications, lol. *ebaynerd*

Anywayyyyy I guess I am done gushing about gyaru.

I also acquired this tasty garment recently:

UNIF Pastel Moto Jacket.

I saw this killer cute jacket before it was featured in Paramore's new music video, Still Into You (which I do adore, btw) but seeing one of my fave singers wearing it made me want it even more. Weird how that works.

I swear I didn't buy this pastel moto jacket because of Hayley.... but it just so happens that UNIF is one of my favorite brands and Paramore is one of my favorite bands..... hmmmmmmm. Alignment of stars, planets, galaxies, &c.?

I love Paramore even though they have a different sound now and are down a couple of a band members. ;)

Their new album is too legit to quit!! :D

...must convince my boss to let me dye my hair like Hayley's lol...! xD

And here is the rest of it.