Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh Me Oh My

It has been a long while since I posted here! OH NOES! I don't mean to neglect my blog!!! D:

Before I say anymore...here is my latest sales post on EGL comm sales. BUY MY STUFFF! :D


School has started up again though....and you know what that means....more homework...less....fun. D:


But anyhow! There are some photos I took that I never uploaded...so without further ado! :)

First up, I won a sweet set of two pairs of Canmake Eyelashes! SO pretttty!! :]
I may be getting some Candydoll Blush again too, this time shade of pink! :3

I also scored these sweet SBY notebooks! I have yet to figure out what I will put in them! I got all of these on eBay from a great seller across the river in IL at Scott AFB. She's a Japanese woman who sells a lot of GAL items. :3 Shipping is uber fast too since she lives so close to me, muwhahahaha!

I was sad to hear that Aromaleigh is closing down. Two years ago I bought eyeshadows from her and I loved them! My roommate also has some of her products...she was the one who told me the site is going down! OH NOES. But there's going to be a huge SALE on the remainder of her products soon, so yay. I will be on the lookout for that. Gothic Lolita collection here I come. :3


It is SO pretty! The keyboard skin is PINK and also removable! :D

Annnd watch get!

Too bad the Swimmer watch is broken! D: Mai is sending me a new one though! :3 The one on the left is from MA*RS and it's the white version of my black one! I wear these a lot now! :3


This pic is sweet enough to give me a toothache! I am so in love with ChocoMint. Seriously. I WANT THE WHOLE STORE!!!! MUWHAHAHAHA! It's not cheap though but I was able to stay under my limit this time heehee. I cannot waiiiit to do a Fairy Kei coord with all of these goodies. :3

Me trying on some of my ChocoMint goodies in a mildly fairy induced loli getup:

I got a tea set at goodwill for only about $6!! I got two cups, two saucers, and two plates! :3 Served with yummy macarons! :]


I made a Battenberg Cake but the marzipan was too dry and it fell apart! BOO! Lame sauce! I tried so hard to make it stick too! Oh well! First time for everything! :3 It was yummy nevertheless! :D

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND finally I leave you with......me looking creepy holding my doll. xD

The dress is by Innocent World. I traded my roommate for it. I traded my BtSSB green snow dot OP. xD YAY!


That's all for this update! Stay tuned for more actual posting this weekend! :D

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