Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Tale of Two Dresses

So yeah,

I saw two dresses I really liked on there. Two RED dresses. I don't own a whole lot of red stuff and I wanted to change that! Because I really do love the color's so flashy! When you walk into a room wearing an all-red dress people can't help but to stop and stare! (Hopefully in a good way?!) LOL!

So yeah. Originally I saw this one and wanted it badly:

Aren't You Precious Dress in Ruby

But it was totally sold out and there was no plan to ever restock it! My heart was crushed!

So instead, I ordered this dress!

Lady Love Song Dress

I tried it on (click the jump to see those photos...there's a few of 'em) and I was kind of on the fence. It was a nice dress but it wasn't cheap, first of all. I wasn't sure if the quality of the material was on par for the cost.

Secondly, omg, it really shows off every CURVE in your body! Which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing if you're feeling pretty confident and want to show off your bod' but a bad thing if you just maybe went to a dinner and ate quite a bit...because whenever that happens to me, my stomach looks pooch-y and plump, haha. >__<;

So yeah. Well here's the real dilemma. Someone just returned the Aren't You Precious Dress (the first one I posted) and there was both a size S and a size L but no size M! Of course, I am generally a Medium. So I was torn. I read some comments and they said size M was kind of big so I opted for the S. *fingers crossed* LOL. It's probably going to come in the mail in a few days. So I think I will just try it on and see which of these two I like better. They're both around the same I can totally return whichever one I don't like and keep the good one!

And of course I see this and start drooling too. >___>;; Modcloth is evil. It sucks you in! @____@;;

So my question is simple, dear readers: Which red dress do you prefer and why? :)
(if either!)

Photos of me wearing the second dress:



Up Close

See what I mean by hugs your every curve?? xD I need to get some shapewear for this if I keep it!!


  1. The one I loke the most is the frock band dress because it's the one that would fit my pear-like body type the best. The aren't you precious dress would too, but I'm not so found of asimmetric necklines and that kind of pleats. Though, I think it would look great on you!
    I'd feel terribly unsecure wearingl ady love song dress. But I think it looks good on you! And you're so slim, why not to show it?

    1. I awarded you the versatile blog prize. You can find the rules here:
      Obviously if you don't feel like doing all this stuff I don't mind! :D

    2. I ended up keeping the Lady Love Song dress...the other one was too small for me! :P But it's OK! I am wearing it to a Black and Red Ball this Friday....exciting! Sorry I have been missing in action for a while now...I blame my exams! >___<;;

    3. Nooo, I hate when things like this happen >_< I always feel like it's not the dress that is wrong, but me. I hope your level of paranoia is lower than mine XD
      The Lady Love Song dress looked amazing in the photos, I hope you'll take some at the ball too ^^ I love themed parties, but I never manage to go to one.
      Don't worry, obviously your exams are way more important that some blog!!!