Monday, August 26, 2013

Monthly Post - Justice & Shopping in the Children's Section

Work is just so busy. It's really hard to maintain this friggin' blog when all I want to do after I get home from work is just crash. And drink beer. And yeah, not do anything in particular. I do get out on the weekends every now and again, though. This weekend I went shopping, and last weekend my parents drove all the way from Pittsburgh (with my sister and the dog as well) to visit me. Crazy! I can't stand road trips. So yeah. F that noise. But anyway...this weekend, it looks like my boyfriend's parents are driving all the way from Colorado to visit us. Last year, they came around Labor Day and his dad wired our house for nice of him. I hope he lets me buy him something nicer than beer this time around, hehe. At any rate...

So yes, the title of the post...well, addressing the second half now that I've addressed the first... I realllly love shopping in the children's section. I mean, who wouldn't, especially if you love cute prints and designs, pastel colors, bright colors, stuff that you generally do not see in the 'adults' or even 'juniors' clothing sections. I used to get a lot of my 'kiddie' clothes from the store called delia*s but sadly around 2008ish, they moved out of the mall that was closest to me (the STL Galleria) because the friggin' Apple store bought out their space. I hate Apple. But that's another rant for another day. They moved to the Chesterfield Mall, and that's kind of a long drive for me...back then, as well as now. So I kinda stopped going there. And it's not really a "kid's only" store, I mean, it's more like late teens. And lately I have been shopping at Justice. Their clothing is wayyyy more for little kid's and girls than delia*s, though. So that means I always feel EXTRA creepy going in there. I try to buy online as much as possible to prevent giving off the "pedo vibes" when I walk into the store...but it's not always possible seeing as how their clothing doesn't always fit properly. Generally if I get a big enough size, I don't have to worry about it being too small/tight. But then I have to worry about awkward fits! Thankfully I JUST got my sewing machine back, after about 7 years without it....(I still used it off and on when I visited my parents in PA, but it wasn't always at my disposal) so that means if I need to alter clothing, I can! Rejoice!

But yeah so you may be wondering, why shop in the children's section/kiddie stores if you are, like me, in your early/mid/late twenties? (I'm going to be 25 on Dec 1st...guess that makes me mid-twenties now?) Here is a list of pros and cons:

- Really fucking cheap.
- Insanely cute designs you can't find in adult clothing stores/weird & awesome types of fabric & colors.

- Stuff doesn't always fit correctly if it all.
- You might feel like a pedophile if you aren't shopping online.

I bought this dress last night:

And this bolero:


Pretty legit!!!

How about you guys? Do you like to shop in the kiddie sections? xD

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