Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yay Portland

OK guys and gals as promised, here are some photos from my trip! :)

I *think* this is Mt. St. Helen...or maybe the pilot just lied to us. :P

Hilariously awesome carpet in the Portland International Airport...I even got the matching socks! :)

Yep, that's a gigantic fish stuck in those bricks. Southpark Seafood Restaurant. So good I went twice! Their cheese plate is soo good!

Trying on clothes in a thrift shop! Buffalo Exchange.

Totally amazeballz ramen I had the last night I was there! At Shigezo.

Some yarns I scored at Knit Purl PDX.

Hilariously cute sign in bathroom at Masu restaurant.

View from my hotel room!

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Voodoo donuts!

Trying on clothes at the Bettie Page store. The girls there were SO nice! :)

Lunch at Broder near the Hawthorne neighborhood! I wanna move there! :)

Me looking derpy in my suit after presenting to like 200+ people. @___@;; stressful!

AMAZING chirashi and SUPER FRESH sea urchin (uni) sushi at Masu. Celebrated the night after my presentation with this meal, hehe.

Another shot looking out the window from my hotel room. 14th floor at the Hilton downtown Portland...

Octopus Pasta. The pasta was so tender and tasty but it was too spicy! >__<;
I even finished knitting a hat on the plane! xD

Went to an EPIC HUGE thrift shop called House of Vintage there and I REALLY wanted this cute dress but it BARELY did not zip on me. >__<;; one size too small!
Some of the items I did score on my trip. :) All vintage! Needs dry cleaned so badly. The skirt on the left is maybe from the 80s/90s and it's dry clean only. Bah. The dress on the right is 100% wool made in Italy vintage from the 60s! I am soaking it in Eucalan which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who wants to wash 100% wool, 100% alpaca, and other such fibers!

More little treasures I found thrifting!

Delicious pasta!

An outfit I bought from the thrift shops. Most of it is vintage.

Cute "N" size batteries I purchased at Spartacus...I can use them in my vibrators ;P

Pretty vintage dress I bought but when I washed it the dyes bled. >___<;;
Brunch my friend had at Broder. Swedish style lunch and breakfast. :)

Found this at the thrift shop but I did not buy it...I just took a photo cause I loved the art-work. :)

Myself and my good friend Maria who drove ALL the way from Seattle, WA to be with me in Portland, OR for the weekend! We went to college together and worked on the Cube Satellite project together called COPPER which launched last year and is up in orbit now! :)


Hope you all enjoyed my little travel picspam! :) Portland is a beautiful city, people there are so nice, lots of great food + shopping, and I WANT TO MOVE THERE! But it's so expensive. >__<;;


  1. Wow it looks like you had an amazing time. You are brave for present in front of all those people! :)

  2. I love the food and shopping photos! Thrift shopping is the best :D
    Congratulations about your presentation and in particular about the Cube Satellite *W*

  3. Livejournal said it's your birthday, so, hoping it's true...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    1. Thank you my dear! I am so sorry for not responding till now. Been so busy with work and holidays. My blog is neglected and it's sad.... I need to make an update. Long over due! I started spinning yarn and I want to share my spinning wheels with you! :)