Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jelly Pong Pong Arrival!

それが最終的にここにある! ロング化粧品の到着を待っていた!


I am so happy! I finally got my shipment (yesterday) of Jelly Pong Pong cosmetics! Jelly Pong Pong is a brand from England. I was initially drawn in by their cute packaging...I first discovered them on which is a wonderful make-up blog that I recommend you check out if you are into makeup! I can only dream of one day having a blog as huge and successful as The Muse's! She has a tag for practically every brand imaginable and has reviewed what seems like thousands of products! :3

Anyway! On with the reviews!

I bought six products:

Lip Orchid in Petal Pink
- a beautiful shimmery pink eyeshadow that comes in a little tin with a faux orchid on top! So lovely! It moisturizes your lip, smells good, highly pigmented, and lasts a while! Very much recommended!

Cheek Puff - a delicate whip of dark rosy almost translucent cream. It's very light and easy to rub into your cheeks for a great blushing look! I really adore this product especially the little peep on the box. :3

Shadow Taffy - soft, delicate, almost-powder almost-cream for your eyes. One swipe is all you need for velvety eye shadow. It does tend to crease so wear it with an eye primer!! The packaging is my favorite for this one. It's a little bird inside of a little gazebo-type thing and the bird is attached to the tin so you can take him with you on the go. :D The taffy comes in two colors in one tin --bronze and pink-ish.

Crystallizer - four different colors of beautiful, shimmery powder in one magical little ball. Comes with a black blotting pad. The jar itself could double as a mirror because of how reflective it is! Perfect for a night out!

Fairy Lashes + Mascara Set - beautiful, soft fake lashes that look like something out of a fairy tale for sure!! Comes with beeswax-based mascara. According to the site you can layer the mascara without buildup because of the natural beeswax. Will post pics of me wearing the lashes later!

Venus Pearls in Worship - sexy golden pearls in a bed of sleek, gold dust. If you take a pearl and crush it, it becomes PINK! These are available in other colors as well. Great for a gold + pink look. Truly luxurious, and they make me feel like a goddess!! :D

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Edit: I promise photos will come later! I have to eat dinner now. ^^

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