Friday, September 3, 2010

LIZ LISA Fall/Winter Collection!!!!


Liz Lisa Fall/Winter Collectioooon! :]

I am really excited....I am very in love with Liz Lisa and I never really saw a lot of their winter/fall stuff yet...cause I just got into gyaru recently. x)

There's a Japanese fest this weekend and I might go in full Agejo in a yukata...hah. Assuming I can find a friend to tie my obi that is, I am so fail at that. :P

Click below to see some picsss....

Almost a bit o' mori gal???

So cute! ^__^ A lot of browns and neutrals..

And OMG THESE BOOTS. MUST.....HAVE.....! >_<; But they'd never fit my thundercalves. I really want a pair of thigh high brown or black boots for fall/winter with a HEEL. My friend Lauren said she got some from Steve Madden that could fit me, so I can't wait to try those on later tonight!

Oh and I henna'd my hair using LUSH henna. xD


10 hrs later...



OK that's all for now. Sorry for short/crappy post. Maybe I will write more about Liz Lisa later...I am back from class just now and feeling tired/hungry. :P


  1. Augh henna.... D: I wish I'd had the balls to do my red with henna because it always looks just so gorgeous, and it's so nice for your hair. But I took the sissy way out and just had my stylist do it with normal chemicals :/ Maybe next time!

    I was never a huge fan of Liz Lisa, but this line is lovely. I may have to snag a few pieces up for myself! Those boots are to die for *o*

  2. Thanks for commenting Miss Lumpy! I love your blog btw! :)

    Liz Lisa is very lolita-friendly of all the gal brands (well apart from Jesus Diamante but that shit is expeeeensive!) xD

    And yeah...henna is awesome! Buuut this stuff washed out within a few weeks! :( So I followed up with chemical dyes. xD