Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mori girl!!

Woo. Crazy week! Been busy with school projects, homework, and the like! I'm also working on my first ever mori girl outfit, so yay! :)

Sorry for poor lighting! D:

Crochet hat: F21
Dress: Wet Seal
Ruffle Sweater: The Buckle
(faux) Fur stole: H&M
Necklace: Claire's

And I snagged some cute jewelry from F21 and some boots....

More pix beneath the cut! Click the "Read More" button! :)

Mori girl jewelry a la Forever 21!

I've got a few more I forgot to snap pics of but yeah....mori girl seems to be very "in" these days....maybe it's just a fall trend? I guess woodland creatures are very autumn-esque. xD I just love it! :)

I've ordered some boots to go with my mori girl outfit.
Specifically these:

I will probably wear some kind of white tights with them too.

I also snagged some REAL fur stoles from eBay. For about $50 each which isn't bad for REAL fur. It's vintage fur from the 1930s. 80 year old fur, oh my! D: I normally don't like killing of animals just for their fur but these poor foxes/mink have been dead 80 yrs now. D: It's like owning ivory.... it's illegal to kill elephants for ivory now (though I am sure it still happens) but if you own an ivory chess set from the 1900's? Vintage/antiques are different, I would presume.... O.o;

I still feel a little weird owning real fur now. But I guess my Jesus Diamante boots have real rabbit fur on them O.o; I guess Japanese people don't mind killing animals for their fur. But if you think about it...people who live in harsher Alaska, Canada, Siberia...etc....probably use the other parts of the animal too. Nothing gets wasted!!

Anyhoo. Pix of the fur later...need to get them dry cleaned first. @___@;


  1. I love this outfit!!!
    I think woodland creatures themed jewelery is a great trend this autumn. Is a great chance to buy mori accessories ^∇^ I hope it lasts more!
    I love the forever 21 jewels you bought, in particular the butterfly and the deer and squirrel necklace *_* You said we european folks have the best things from H&M's, but we don't even heve Forever 21 ç_ç
    Despite the trend, I'm not very much in to fur.
    This autumn/winter fur trend is going to be an ecological problem, maybe vintage can be a solution.

  2. Thanks for following me! ^^

  3. Hey! Thanks for the follow! <3 Your blog is super cute. Your header is great. Nice outfit, too, in your post. I am obsessed with F21 jewelry! It's just so much fun to be able to find such great deals of such great jewelry!

  4. Thanks gals! And yeah, I guess F21 does have some pretty sweet stuff esp the jewelry! xD
    Here's to hoping the mori trends CONTINUE! :D

  5. Oh I love it!
    It's perfect *-*

    I have that fur stole too.. and I'm still trying to figure out how to mix it with my other clothes xD so this is a great inspiration ^^

  6. i like how this is coming along. all the F21 jewelry is super cute.

    i follow your blog now. feel free to follow me too!