Monday, October 18, 2010

Sorry for lack of Weekend Update :P

Nothing too much to report outfit-wise. My mannequin has a fairy kei-esque coordinate in progress on it, and today and tomorrow is fall break for SLU students. SO that means I am pretty much sitting on my butt. What better time for a blog update? I think this update will cover a lot of stuff!

I. - My latest purchases, woohoo.
II. - A short thing about jeggings.
III. - Loli and Gyaru Secrets: Differences, Drama.
IV. - Videogames (WHUT!)
V. - Misc. blabbing. :D

I hope this post is semi-informative for people who don't know anything about lolita secrets or gyaru secrets... and I guess, jeggings?


I. Latest Purchases

Nothing too crazy...mostly just shoes and boots:

Forever 21 Cream Work Boots

Charlotte Russe Tan Riding Boots:

Fits SO well! So comfy too!

Charlotte Russe Black Satin Pumps:

(Bought for professional wear.)

Innocent World High Collar Blouse:

(Fits like a dream!)

New Necklaces:

The professional me. Don't I look happy? :P I got accepted into a mentor networking program and now I have to dress up all fancy-like. Fffffffffff. lol. The whole suit is from Express picked out via a friend of mine.

Without jacket:


II. Jeggings: Just what the hell are they anyway?

Answer: Well they're basically a new(?) trend I've been seeing lately...although I did buy my first pair around May or so maybe it's not exactly "new" but yeah... they look like JEANS at first glance but they fit like LEGGINGS. They're very soft and comfy!

So far I bought three pairs:

Left to right: Claire's brand jeggings, Hollister brand jeggings, and Blue Asphalt (Wet Seal) brand jeggings. :D

Claire's: Looks more like regular leggings only with a denim color to them and jean-like stitching. No pockets, no belt loops, no nothing. I'd recommend this style be worn with a skirt or dress over it.

Blue Asphalt/Wet Seal: Looks a lot like real jeans! I wear these as if they are jeans only they pockets don't actually work. The belt loops really work and you could even pair a belt with these to increase the "jeans" effect. But they really fit like leggings. They are so tight that I have to wear a thong or similar undergarments or else you can see my pantyline. That's the only con. :(

Hollister: Looks (and functions) the most like real pair of jeans. Pockets work, belt-loops are real....but they are very stretchy. Not as stretchy as the other two pairs I have but definitely more comfy than regular jeans!

All in all my fave are the Blue Asphalt jeggings because they are basically imitation jeans. And sooo comfy. Just kinda tight. @__@; but that was my fault for not getting the correct size...haha.

I hope that enlightened you gals about jeggings if you didn't already know about them. If you did, well, good for you! I hope you skipped over this section of my post. xD (Or at least looked at pics? xD)

Here's a pic, btw, of the Blue Asphalt jeggings worn:

Just like jeans only not! :D
III. Secrets: What the heck?

So you are new to either lolita and/or gyaru communities. You hear talk of "secrets" communities for both or either. You wonder what the heck are people talking about? Well if you've ever heard of "Post Secret" it's kind of like that. Except specific to either lolita or gyaru. I will mention and talk about both because I have read (and still do read) both communities since I really admire and adore both styles.

Lolita Secrets consists of people posting their "secrets" relating to the fashion. What your favorite color(s) are in lolita, why you like a certain model, what you didn't like about X brand's latest collection. Except.... in my opinion it has sort of taken a turn for the worse. :(

I miss when secrets were stuff like: "I secretly admire this model because she reminds me of my sister" or "I really feel magical when I wear lolita in the forest!" But now it's mostly personal attacks on lolitas, complaining about so and so being too tiny or too big for brand clothes, or newbies crying that long time wearers of the fashion are "mean" or "elitist." Or just plain old trolling. Yeah. Boring.

Sometimes girls find themselves as a target for mockery or hate. What do you do if you are the center of someone's attack? Just ignore 'em. It's just the internet. Don't feed the trolls and give them the satisfaction of knowing they got to you! (So true!) Seriously. Same goes for gal secrets. In my opinion, gyaru secrets is even more scathing/hurtful than lolita secrets. The reason why is probably because gyaru is a fashion that is even more focused on beauty and looks than lolita. Lolita is about retaining innocence and beauty and all that good fluffy frilly stuff. But gyaru is more about following the latest trends, more emphasis on coordination skills, and definitely hair and makeup/styling abilities. So therefore girls are subjected moreso to hateful comments about their weight, face, make-up, hair, clothes, etc. Comments like "ugly!" or "eeew man-face!" or "gross, you're such a hooker!" paired with a photo of the poor girl getting attacked are very common on gyaru secrets. At least on lolita secrets, there are rules about using photos from fashion comms like daily lolita. (Like taking photos straight from someone's post on that comm.) But yeah....

If you see a girl with a cupcake skirt, it's often times safe to think that she might be a lolita. Especially if she's wearing cute shoes and a blouse and all the other stuff. But for gyaru, what defines a gyaru? Is it the make-up? Hair? Clothes? The attitude? See, that's the problem. All of those things I just mention can make someone gal or not gal. Even the hair or makeup can be make or break for a gyaru coordinate. Which is why I always say "gyaru INSPIRED" outfit when I post to my blog since I don't always have the time or energy to take pics.

If a girl is wearing a lolita brand dress with no petticoat, no blouse, no nothing...well can she still be considered a lolita? No. Not usually. Or not in that particular case. Same goes for gal. If you don't have the make-up and hair, you're just wearing trendy clothes. Same with the theoretical lolita I mentioned. If you don't take the time to coordinate and add the essentials (petti, blouse, socks, appropriate shoes, makeup and hair) you aren't really wearing the fashion in the traditional sense.

A lot of secrets focus on who is or isn't wearing X fashion. I mean, come on. If someone posts to her blog or live journal with her latest BtSSB purchase or latest MA*RS purchase and is excited to wear it, but she didn't have time to do her hair, then yeah, she's not really full-on gyaru or full on lolita at that moment. But she's just showing off her swagger. Do we really need 20 secrets a week about how so and so is or isn't wearing a fashion? Jesus. Same with the "so and so" is so ugly type secrets. Beauty is very subjective. For instance, I personally think most manbas are hella scary to look at even the ones who are "doing it right." (And usually there is a beautiful girl hiding underneath all that icky makeup that's caked on!!!)

Personally, I don't care if someone is doing manba "right" or not. It all looks bad to me. =/ I am NOT saying I disrespect them for all the hard work and effort they put into their clothes and makeup and's just NOT for me. It's my opinion, my 2cents, my soapbox.... I respect them but I'd never ever wear it myself. And I am sure a lot of lolitas feel that way too. Like sweet vs. gothic lolitas. There always seems to be secrets each week with "oh I hate sweet lolis they look like overgrown toddlers!" Or "ew goth lolis are so drab looking! They all look like clones!" Bawwwww.


So TL;DR, readers...secrets = a big joke. Sometimes there are some funny secrets or cute secrets and this is why I am still a fan of secrets communities. And sometimes I like to get stuff of my chest too like "I can't believe Innocent World picked this color scheme! Yeef!" or "I adore this model!" but I would never waste time to write a rude, catching secret about a girl I don't even know for no reason. Seriously. The more I read about teen suicides in the news because of online bullying, the more I wonder wtf is wrong with secrets comms but more so the idiots who post negative troll secrets every week. @___@; A good way to get rid of this would be to outlaw personal attacks altogether but then no one would read secrets anymore (well, a LOT less would) which is really really sad TBH. :(

*end rant* xD

IV. Videogames

I FINALLY got a PSP and FFT: War of the Lions. I have been wanting this game for AGES now. Do any of you lovely followers enjoy videogames along with frilly/trendy clothes?

This was the first ever game I played for Playstation 1. (PSX.)
So to finally get a new, remade, updated storyline is AWESOME to me! :D So nostalgic! :) The PSP was borrowed from my guy-pal, Connor. :]


V. Blah blah blah.

Nothing much else to report. Oh! Remember the mori girl outfit from my last post? Well I tweaked it a bit and added more layers! I am sad though that I can't wear it yet. The weather here (in St. Louis) is still too hot for mori! Wtf!

Added two skirts. One is borrowed from my roommate. :D
I still look at this coord and sigh to myself and think "it's still incomplete." I realllly want to add a gigantic, white, ruffled underskirt to this whole thing to flesh it out more. Right now it's "too short" in my opinion. I guess I always tend to get an idea of how I want a coord to look in my head and then I am never satisfied with it until it's complete. xD


Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Feel free to add feedback in your comments. :)


  1. Hello :-)
    Ah, I love those cream boots ♥
    Your co-ord is cute, and personally, I don't think it's too short!

  2. I love the necklace! It looks really cool! Where did you get it at???

    Where's you get the riding boots and how much did they cost?? I've been kinda looking for some boots like that for my Link outfit that I've been wanting to put together (forever.)

    Also, I didn't know Lolita and Gyaru could be so... Intense? specially with the "secret communities"