Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dolly Kei Hair Accessories!

I was inspired by Hitomi's line called "Dolly"...so I decided to try my hand at making my own dolly kei hair accessories!

It's my first time making these, so con crit is appreciated.

Also I am still debating of a way to attach these to the head--headbands? Hair clips? Barrettes? Pins? Please, give me your input! :) I have some barrettes but they're HUGE. Also the hair clips that snap back and forth seem too small/flimsy for such a large flower. I am considering glueing on a felt patch that contains some kind of alligator clasp along with a pin to make these into brooches! What do you think?

I will use the smaller hair clips with smaller roses to make tinier ones. :)

Click the jump to see pics!



Hair clip/brooch:

Another hairclip/brooch, slightly larger one:

This hairclip/brooch has a cute patch of feathers on it! :)

Underside, without the felt added on yet:

What do you girls think?? :)


  1. I really love them!!! Were did you buy the flowers and the berries? I wanted to do a similar thing with autumn leaves and berries, but couldn't find them.
    You can use this kind of clip for using your creation both as a brooch and an hairpin (sorry for the long link but I really don't know the name in english:


  2. I bought the berries at a store here in the US called Michael's Crafts.

  3. Thank you! Maybe if I go to a craft store I can find something. Though I have the sensation italian craft stores are different from America's, in the sense they are more divided in genres, like painting, beads...have to find the right one.

  4. Haha ours are pretty divided too but we have a gigantic floral section of fake flowers. I buy them with the "stems" still attached and I cut the stems off and hot glue the flower bits together.
    (look behind the ladies wearing red...you can see a peek of the flowers!)