Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brief Beauty Review: Japanese Face Mask by Kracie

So the other day when I went to Eons, I was browsing for sushi-making ingredients (yumm) at my local Japanese Food store (Tokyo Food Store) on Ellsworth Ave when I saw these face mask things.

I decided to go ahead and try them out despite the price. @___@;

It was about $18 but you get 5 masks. I guess that's not TOO bad for an imported product.

Anyway it's not much of a review, and there's one hilarious pic of me wearing the mask but anyway...click the Read More button, as always to read more. :P You know the drill!

BTW I apologize for lack of beauty or gyaru or even lolita posts lately. Everything has been mori girl or dolly kei as of late. I realize this but hey it's my blog and right now I am more into those styles. xD But don't worry I didn't quit lolita. But I am selling a lot of my old lolita clothing so stay tuned for a post about that. xD

Onto the pics!

The front of the box. Hmmm intriguing.

This is what one of the packets looks like. One front, one back.

So I was not aware of the fact that inside of each individually sealed packet, is literally A MASK. It's not a cream like I thought it was.

Since I forgot to take a pick of the folded up mask, here's a GOOFY as hell pic of me wearing one.

Err yeah. AHEM. Anyway. LOL. (Wow do I look way less graceful than the package or what?) O__o;

So I wore it for about an hour. BUT it wasn't until I peeled it off that I realized I had forgotten to take off my foundation. ICCCK. I may have to try it again some other time with freshly cleaned skin! >_<;

What I noticed about it: each felt like a "wet wipe" and was kinda slimy/sticky. I hated that. When I put it on it was cooling and soothing and a little relaxing. Nice!! I did notice it moisturized my face without causing me to break out. I have majorly oil skin, so yeah, that's a plus.

All in all? I am still kind of on the fence about these since I have no idea what's really in it or what it's supposed to do. I can't read the package. But next time I am in the food store, I am going to ask the woman who works there about it. I completely forgot to this time. If you know what these are and what's they're supposed to do, specifically, let me know. It might even be an anti-aging thing for all I know, which I definitely DO NOT need, haha.

So there we have it, Bizzarro beauty review of weird Japanese product Numba One! xD

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