Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Wishlist!

My latest addiction is definitely Jeffrey Campbell shoes. >D

I own 2 pairs right now, and I plan to get a lot more. I may need to start selling all of my old shoes on eBay to be able to finance this endeavor, haha.

The pairs I own now are the "Lita" in Taupe Suede:

I love how they go with practically everything! :D So on trend right now.

The first pair I got (wearing them right now actually!) are the "Suave" wedges.

Bought these from using my epic discount of 10% off + free shipping. W00T.
I wear these with practically everything and they're a bit easier to walk in than the Lita's because of the lower height. :3

Do you have a Jeffrey Campbell wish list?

Click the Read More Button to see my wish list! :D

My next pair is definitely going to be the "Lana" in distressed black leather! :D

About to order these from Eilatan right now using some discount codes, muwhaha. :)

Eilatan is another great place to buy J.C. shoes! They have two purchase options. One is with return privileges (more expensive) and the other is without (cheaper) and since J.C.s tend to run true to size (from what I noticed), I'd recommend the no return option. Plus you could always sell to a friend or on eBay if you didn't like them. :x

Found on Karmaloop...these are the "Swan Lake" boots! <3 I want to buy them now but I am paranoid of the fit.... for the most part J.C. tends to run true to size but not sure about boots and the fact that I have slightly larger calves. O.O; Karmaloop has a great selection and if you use code "CHERRI82" you can get a 20% off discount. Same if you use code "VIP" I think....sadly they don't have free shipping though. Their shipping is by weight so it can get pretty expensive sometimes. Like $23 for a pair of shoes and a pair of boots. =___=;;

I've been wanting the "Michelle" ever since I saw it on Modcloth a while ago:

Specifically in that lovely gold color. I think modcloth called them the Unicorn Princess heels. I am SO mad I missed out on this style. I hope J.C. decides to re-release them. ;______; Boo! Want youuuu!

The "Skate" shoe is DEFINITELY high up on my Wishlist. In fact, I may need to pre-order a pair of the white ones as soon as humanly possible. ;___;

They are sold out everywhere! Grr!

Just for fun... the "Lita" in pink glitter. :) These would be so freaking fun to wear but sadly not too practical for every day wear unless I want to be walking bling bling. xD

"Mildred Paint" freaking wild and probably would look silly with anything but skinny jeans but...DAMN. NEED. e____e;;

Speaking of out there....the "Benched" is another of my favorites. :x

They look scary and painful to walk in but really they are apparently super comfy. NEED!!

I could go for a pair of the "Foxy" in pink suede:

Or any color, really! The cheetah print or the floral print looks nice too....

And as if there wasn't enough Jeffrey Campbell lovin' in this post already.... check out Asami-san's blog:

She owns like 200+ pairs of J.C. shoes. O_O; I live vicariously through her epic shoe collection!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! Pssshh....I have wanted a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for SO long, but I always talk myself out of it :P I really should just get me a pair, like the Lita *drool*... Soooo jealous xD
    I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  2. Thank you sweetie! :)

    I will follow you!

    And let's be friends too. ^___^

  3. great shoes! hope you get them!

  4. cool shoes, i love the suave wedges !