Friday, May 6, 2011

Outfit Dump

I know I said I'd make my next post more makeup reviews but I kind of want to take a break from make up for a while and post CLOTHING since this is a *fashion* blog, haha.


A lot of these are gyaru inspired (think Liz Lisa!) Some are vintage. Some are just random mall clothing from stores like Forever 21, and some are retro/mod-inspired! :D

Clickie for more!

Cute top from

Dress from
belt from ebay!

Top: Forever21
Belt: Love Culture
Skirt: Forever 21
Jeggings: Icing
Boots: wet seal
Necklace: Claire's

Closeup of Claire's necklace.

Gunne Sax dress! Vintage 1970s :D

Shorts: Love Culture

Same top from missguided with missguided 70s inspired trousers! <3

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! Gal inspired.
Shorts: Love Culture
Shoes: forever 21
Hat: Yahoo Japan Auctions

Liz Lisa Inspired!
Maxi Dress:
Hat: Claire's (with extra flowers added!)

Dress: Missguided
Belt: eBay
Shoes: Wet Seal

Vintage 1980s dress from local shop called The Vintage Haberdashery

Mori girl <3
Top: F21
Lace dress: F21
Lace vest: Dillard's
Boots: F21
Accessories: Claire's

Dolly Kei! (really old pic!)
Dress: Vintage 1970s
Vest: Ann Taylor Loft (sooo old)
Tassel: Bed Bath & Beyond
Oddfellow's collar: Vintage 1900s
Hat: Macy's
Fur: Vintage - eBay
Tooled leather bag: vintage - etsy

Flapper repro dress: Vintage Haberdashery (rental!)
This was for a 1920s themed party I went to! :3

Can you believe was selling this as an actual SKIRT to just "wear"? haha. too OTT for my figure, so it's now used as a petticoat! :D

Skirt: Modcloth
Top: F21
Wedges: Missguided

Cardigan: Modcloth
Belt: Love Culture
Tank: Target
Jewelry: F21 (necklace) and Love Culture (ring)

BEAUTIFUL "ryu" brand dress from Modcloth.

Gorgeous "JACK" by bbDakota dress from Modcloth.

Skirt: Modcloth
Top: F21

that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed! :3 I can post links to product pages if you ask about certain items in the comments section! Otherwise I was too lazy to link to each one! xD


  1. You have a really good taste! All the outfits are chraming!! The inly thing I don't like is the black ebay belt.. or maybe I would like it but with an other style..compliments!!

  2. Thanks! It's actually brown but my camera fails at life, as usual. xD I am still having a hard time coordinating it. It reminds me too much of something a reinactor would wear to a ren faire or something. xDD