Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to Liz Lisa for less!


OK first of all, I am sorry for lack of updates. My new internship has got me so busy!
I feel a little guilty because now a lot of my posts are starting out that way, haha.
But anwyay, time for a (hopefully) informative post!! :D

Oh and the above art was found on google images! If anyone knows who did it, please tell me! I love it! Also if you're the artist and want me to remove it, I can do that. I just thought it was so lovely and captures the Liz Lisa aesthetic so well! :3

Soooo.....Are you a fan of the gal brand Liz Lisa? Do you adore floral prints, lace, denim, ruffles, cute designs, girly, ultra-feminine gyaru looks? I'm pretty much addicted to Liz Lisa and I love wearing their style. But I only own about 3 actual items from Liz Lisa!! So how do I wear their ultra cute hime-kei coords without owning their brand itself? Easy! I just go to local shops and try to find similar items. And a lot of the stuff Liz Lisa is putting out is pretty easy to find in the US or other countries in stores like Forever 21, Wet Seal, etc. Even Claire's is a great place to go for accessories that would match up quite well with Liz Lisa style. Below, I will provide some basic shopping tips and photos of the loot I'd snagged from various shops so you can see how easy it is to replicate the look!

Oh and I am aware that a lot of the stuff I have found is more on trend with last season's stuff by Liz Lisa but I meant this to be a general I wasn't super crazy about the French boho stuff they put out for Spring/Summer so maybe that's why, haha.

Without further ado! :)

What to look for?

Faux Leather
Browns, neutrals
Laser-cut patterns
Straw Hats
Denim (jackets, shorts...)

Remember: girly, cute, feminine, lovely!

Here's a photo of all of my Liz Lisa-esque items. NONE of these are real Liz Lisa. Just stuff I found from various shops!


Forever 21
Wet Seal
Local boutiques
Online stores! (DreamV Rakuten, Modcloth,,, ruche, more!)
Thrift stores are great too. :)

Maxi dresses! Thankfully they're trending now in general so they're pretty easy to find.

Floral maxi from

This floral maxi is from

Here's a closeup of the fabric!


This one is from DreamV shop on Rakuten. :3


Floral chiffon dress from Rakuten DreamV. One of my most-worn gal dresses. It reminds me a lot of Liz Lisa's actual stuff though the quality isn't the best!

White lace dress from Forever 21...I love this! It works great for layering with mori girl too. :3

Floral dress with long sleeves from, a British fashion site. The long sleeves are great for that awkward period between winter and spring when it gets randomly cold outside. =__=;

Long white lace dress from Looks awesome with a belt!

A denim jacket from H&M. Truly a staple of my Liz Lisa-style wardrobe. It looks great over a floral maxi or any cute dress!


Camel colored laser cut Western-style skirt from I am in love with this skirt. It's amazingly soft too and fits right in with the Liz Lisa aesthetic. :3

Floral skirt from Wet Seal. Made of the SAME exact fabric my real Liz Lisa dress is made of!

Some shoes I like to wear with my coordinates:

Leftmost two are Jeffrey Campbell (Mariel and Suave) and then Forever 21, and Wet Seal.

These Jeffrey Campbells were purchases second-hand on eBay. eBay is a great place to find cheap JC shoes, if you are loving the trends and styles but don't want to shell out $150 for a new pair!

Cute and feminine... lots of pearls, crosses, and flowers.


Watches and Bracelets
Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Modcloth, MA*RS. (Yes I know not Liz Lisa but it works well with Liz Lisa outfits!)

Mostly from Claire's / F21.


Forever 21, Claire's, eBay...

First three on left (in the middle) are from Love Culture. The pinkish belt is from Papaya and the white one on the end is from Love Culture. The top belt is a real leather belt bought from a girl on morigirl sales comm on LJ, and the bottom belt (my most worn belt!) is a Western-style belt purchased at Icing (owned by Claire's) last summer. :3

Western-y bag from

Brown Laser Cut Western Style bag from Claire's

Can Can hat from eBay - Korean Seller (though I have a similar one from Claire's too.)

Western Hat from Wet Seal!

Here's one of my favorite coordinates!

Finally, I leave you with a cute picture of my Alpaca stuffed toys!

Thanks for reading! Hope some of you found this useful! :D


  1. Lovely post. Sadly the UK only has forever21 in Birmingham, miles away! Love the belt with the wee pockets :D

  2. I soo agree to this post! All of the mentioned brands have Liz Lisa-ish sttyles. I do shop from those brands too! :)

    Few days ago, I also blogged about my Liz Lisa thrift find here:
    It was pure luck that I was able to find it from that awesome thrift store. :))

    By the way, all your accessories rocks! PLUS I admire the whole outfit! Wish I can pull off that same look...

    Great blog! ♥

  3. Great, great post!! I always like tips to replicate expensive looks without spending so much (I'm always broke ^^') :D
    Too bad that nearly all the brands you mention haven't shops in italy -_-' I want Claire's, Topshop and Forever 21!!! But I can easily find similar stuff in other stores, so your post is still very useful!

    I love your new header! And I want an alpaca too *_*

  4. Thanks for the comments, gals! :)

    And yeah...I just realized most of this is meant for US people since not all countries have these shops ;____;

    But I am sure there is some equivalent store that sells trendy clothes (H&M maybe??) in other countries where you can find great pieces for your Liz Lisa coordinates! :3 It's a blessing that florals, lace, ruffles, etc., is trending right now. :3

    Piperita Patty: You should get an alpaca! They are so cute. :3

  5. Great little guide! I'm totally using this to put together a coord.

  6. Can you do more posts like this? For someone who has absolutely no clue how to get started in gal, guide's like these are SOOO helpful!

  7. Hey there, sorry for not getting back to you sooner, Miss Suite. :) I totally need to figure out how to turn the e-mail me when I get comments thing on...on blogger... do you know how? @__@;; I seriously can't figure it out. LOL!

    And yes, I can try to do more posts like this! I feel bad because my blog has wandered a's no longer all about gal or lolita it's more of a mishmosh of whatever, hehe!

  8. That would be awesome! I think posts showing how to achieve certain looks whether gal, loli, mori, etc. would be really helpful. I have the loli thing down pretty good, but gal is hella confusing. Btw, I'm bugly1 on youtube/suitetwentytwo on LJ (the girl you mentored in loli back in the day). I feel like I'm stalking you or something. (kidding. I'm not a creeper. Promise.)

  9. Haha no worries, I remember you! :)
    I'll get together some ideas for new posts. :3

  10. Yay! I look forward to these posts.