Saturday, September 17, 2011

WTF Eyeko?!

Oh gosh, it's been a while!

I am so sorry, dear readers! There *are* some readers left out there, right?

*cricket chirp*


I better clean the cobwebs off of my blog and get to posting some fall trends! I am super excited for all of the new stuff coming out. I've purchased some new cosmetics recently that I want to review as well as some clothing and new JC shoes. :3 Just a hint of what's to come, hopefully!

I am entering my final year of college as well as having my boyfriend move in with working at my internship. Crazy stuff! I MIGHT be getting a job at LUSH too if all goes according to plan. And for that, I am hella excited! :3

But let me direct your attention to the title of my post.

WTF Eyeko Cosmetics?!

I went to their site today to see what is new and omfg they changed EVERYTHING. The layout. The products. The packaging. And I really don't like this new look but maybe that's just me!! Where is the pink? The cute? The frilly? The animu-ish inspiration? BAW.

Just meh!! I don't like it one bit, haha. But I guess I should try the new improved stuff before I rag on it. I think the number one aspect of Eyeko's sex appeal to women (bear with me here lol) was the supa kawaii packaging. D: Meh!! I feel the same way about Jelly Pong Pong too, lol.

Anyhoo. I guess I shouldn't bash them as an ambassador, lol, but I feel like they're trying too hard to be "cool" and "trendy"...or maybe just more "pro" looking? Which makes no sense because there are cute and funky brands like Jelly PP, Too Faced, and especially Benefit (I'm looking at you!) with similar packaging. I really miss Eyeko's manga thing too. It was so cute. D: Well I guess I will wait to see what the new products are like before I judge.

Click the cut below for a screenshot of their site. Blah! Who is with me on this one? xD

D: D: D:


  1. I agree, really not liking the new Eyeko layout! They should of kept it the same..

  2. Still here XD I'm happy you have a lot of good stuff in this period, but don't sress yourself too much :D

  3. Oh yay! I still have followers. Sorry for my lack of updates, gals! I love y'all! :)