Saturday, August 4, 2012

Still alive, I swear! And summer is almost over...!

Dang. It's almost the end of summer. I started a new job and bought a house and and...yeah!

I barely have time for updates at the moment because I am trying to purchase furniture for my house and go to work and all of that fun stuff. I also need to get my house reassessed for taxes and get my car re-titled. God. Being an adult SUCKS. ;___;

I did buy a few new things clothing-wise.

Notably these Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Dominique Spike:

They are SO badass yet damn near impossible to walk in! :( I have already found lots of outfits to wear with these but wish I could solve the "nearly killing myself everytime I walk in them" issue. Basically any uneven surface = death. lol. that includes carpet in my own home and cobblestone on Main street!

Also it's tax free weekend, so I am going shopping!! :D

PS: I now have an entire room of JUST LOLITA. Yes, pics to come!

1 comment:

  1. Those shoes, omg!! I wouldn't ever wear them (I am terrible with heels) but just ADMIRE them all the time...!