Saturday, January 11, 2014

Finished Project & Happy New Year!

First post of 2014, yay! (And it didn't happen in February either, lol!)

Just wanted to wish all my followers & fellow bloggers a Happy New Year and I hope you gals and guys have a kickass 2014. :)

Also wanted to share a project I just finished knitting. It's going to be a surprise present for someone...can't say who in case she reads this (though I doubt it!) lol! xD

It's a scarf from the game Rune Factory 4 for Nintendo 3DS. It's been kind of my addiction lately and also the reason why this blog has gone mostly neglected. ;___; sorry, friends!

In the game, your character can knit a cute little scarf for friends/lovers/etc. So I decided to make one myself, inspired by a teensy tiny pixelated game sprite. I don't think you actually see this scarf in game or in any character art. Even if you equip it, I don't think you can see it on the character because it's not a head accessory. Lame! But anyway.... see the comparison below:

Cute huh?

I think there's another scarf which becomes available for crafting later on in the game, though I have not yet encountered it.

Yay for nerd knitting. xD (I also got the "Knits for Nerds" book! I am gonna make a sweater vest from one of its patterns!)

I also plan to knit some UNIF replica dresses in 2014. And possibly some other garments...we shall see! (and also an amigurumi of Wooley the sheep from Rune Factory.)

Speaking of RF... I got a doujinshi of Frey x Arthur which I am in the (very slow, very tedious) process of scanlating! Here is a sneak peak below:

(Feel free to open the images in a new tab if the text is too tiny to read on my blog, lol.)

Anyway, I will post more pages as I finish them! If you are interested in helping me scanlate this doujin please comment below with your e-mail and I will give you access to the raw scans on my Dropbox. ^___^

Love you guys!


  1. Happy new year!!!
    The scarf and the idea beyond it are really really nice ^^

    1. Thank you! Happy new year to you too! :) I am glad you like the scarf. My sister just received it in the mail last week and she loves it too. Yay! ^___^

  2. Not sure if I'm more excited about the actual scarf or the fact that rpg characters are handknitting. I think I need to start adding skillpoints to my accessories!

    1. Haha hell yesss! I changed my Ravelry pic immediately when I was playing the game a week or so ago and noticed one of the sprites of the witchy looking character, Dolce, and she was actually knitting in the sprite/character picture! I was like HOLY CRAP. Must take a photo of that. I wish I could do screencaps in Rune Factory like I can with Animal Crossing because it would have come out in higher resolution/better quality vs. taking pic with my crappy phone camera. Oh well. I am sure there's probably concept art of her knitting too I just haven't stumbled across it yet. Makes me want to cosplay her all the more. ^___^

      (And my sister informs me that there's 1 more hand-knit accessory you can craft at a later level in the game, so I am excited for that, hehe!)

  3. hello there! OMG I have been looking for this doujin everywhere! I would buy it, but the only place that seems to (possibly) have it is selling it for 30 dollars and that's really expensive, plus the site looks kinda shady.

    I would be so very happy if you could share these scans with me! unfortunately I cannot read or speak Japanese so I don't think I'd be able to help with that ;w; but I'd love to help in any other way if I could!

    I really love Arthur, and when I found out about this doujin I really fell in love with the art style and have been trying to get my hands on it, but no luck

    anyway, I am not sure what I could offer you in return except for my eternal gratitude and love ;www; but it would make me so darn happy to have these pictures <3

    thank you very much for your time.

    my email is -- I hope to hear from you soon!!

    1. Elizabeth! Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your comment. ^__^
      I sent you an email with the link to my Dropbox. I wish I could scan the rest but I haven't been able to get my scanner to work because it's sooo old. It can barely even scan at the resolution needed to properly scanlate these. But I may be getting a new scanner this month. So stay tuned! Also if I can find my old copy of Photoshop I can do more of this work but as for now I am using GIMP and I hate the UI. I am used to Photoshop from years of using it. My friend could probably help me with the Kanji as he was before.

  4. Helloooo my name is Jeii ovo
    I must admit I am abit slow in my RF4 due to work but I am still working on it! I am still in my first arc of the story and trying to court Arthur with Salmon onigiri and turnips xD. I love him!! I am looking for doujin to polish my japanese but most of them seem so pricey, not to mention the shipping costs ;_; I would be so so so so gratefull if you would share your scanlations with me *_* m
    My email is

    1. Jeii,

      Thanks for reading my blog. Glad you love Arthur as much as I do! I still haven't bloody married him yet though! GUHH! I think it's because I got ADD and started to play Fire Emblem instead. I need to go back to RF4!! Also I got so busy with work! LOL.

      I have emailed you the link to my dropbox. Now that I have a proper scanner, I can finish scanning the rest, but I still do not have Photoshop, just GIMP, and it takes me forever to do the formatting in GIMP because I suck at the user interface, LOL. You are more than welcome to translate/scanlate if you wish!! I hope it helps your Japanese. :) I still have a whole 'nother doujin to scan. I just need to find where I put the darn thing, LOL.


  5. A fellow Arthur lover! Goodness you're a rare breed! I thought we were all but extinct!

    I'm kind of tempted to beg you for the scans of the doujin, as I've commented earlier (I don't think it posted as I don't see it) so... -offers a big puppy eyed Arthur- please? Pretty pretty please? I'm working on a fanfic with him and frey, so this could help with the material... my email is <3