Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gangsta Knitting Rap + Ramblings + Fabric

I have nothing of any great import to say today other than...WATCH THIS VIDEO, it's pretty hilarious.

Also this is my progress thus far on my latest project:

(Sadly I haven't really touched this one in a while...)

In other news, Spoonflower was having a special promo where you can try a free sample of their Silky Faille fabric last week and you can have your own custom design printed, so in honor of watching Anchorman 2 last week, this beautiful, magical fabric was born:


(reference below)

Yeah that just happened. Spoonflower is a magical site where you can print whatever you want on fabric and order tons of it and make clothing or whatever your heart desires out of it. Isn't that incredible? I made a Charlie Sheen fabric swatch was beautiful as well. It was before I had GIMP though so I "borrowed" some random Charlie Sheen art I found online to make it. But it was only for a sample swatch. I plan to create my own design in the future, but I was impressed with how it came out and the overall print quality of Spoonflower. I highly recommend them if you are in need of custom printed fabric. Can be quite expensive, though, but it's worth the price!


  1. I'd like to have a custom printed fabric too, but I'm scared about the prices XD
    Your knitting skills are awesome!
    And thanks for sharing the funny video!

    1. Glad you found the video funny! :) The prices aren't cheap on fabric for sure. I got my swatch in the mail, by the way, of the lamp fabric, and it was fraying like crazy! I am going to have to zig-zag/serge the edges to prevent it from unraveling. Or maybe just use my pinking shears. I don't know if I would get that type of fabric but I know for sure their sport knit fabric is a dream. It's soft and stretchy with a tiny bit of shine. I don't know if Spoonflower ships overseas but I am sure the customs would suck even if they do. :( kind of a bummer!