Friday, November 12, 2010

Fyrinnae Haul! Lip Lustre Review!

Swatches to come when my camera battery is fully charged! :D

- handmade / no animal testing!
- VERY bright and pigmented
- glides on fairly easily
- lots of unusual colours you don't normally see in lip products!
- made by a small business in the US! :) support local!
- Easy to clean off.

- Too dry!
- Not long lasting...
- Rubs off easily!
- Not really scented...
- Irritated my lips at first (remedied this by using primer/lipbalm)
- Hard to get out of tube!

From left to right: Anesthesia, Ryunome, Fanservice, Amplifier, Hair Dye, Romantqiue!


  1. I have Hair dye too and it lasted all day for me while I was at school. What I did was exfoliate lightly with a toothbrush. Then I put on a layer of Hair Dye and then blotted lightly, then another layer. If it dries your lips out (it didn't mine) you can put a light balm under it. I ghave Ryunome too and I like it, but it's obviously not too appropriate for school, unless I want everyone to think I'm weirder than they do already.

  2. Haha I totally know what you mean!! :D

    I love all my colors. Fyrinnae is a new addiction.

    Try putting on pink opaque lip stick first then put on Ryunome. It looks like a deep purple and is flatter on both pale and darker skin tones alike! :D

  3. thank you for sharing this great video! :)