Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haul from Cherry Culture: Amuse Cosmetics and NYX!

I ordered from and I got stuff by AMUSE Cosmetics. :)

Youtube review under the cut!

Please excuse my general lack of was 11pm at night. xD
This look was created using mostly the Forever 16 Palette. I might have stolen a little bit of eyeshadow from the Twinkle Star palette too but I don't really remember. I used the NYX MILK Jumbo Eye Pencil as a BASE for these shadows! You can see how vibrant they are over the white eyepencil.

Btw. Both the pencil and the shadows contain METHYLPARABENS and PROPYLPARABENS. Just letting you know! :-S The effects of parabens on our skin and bodies is still largely unknown but some studies suggest adverse effects after long term usage.... they are used as preservatives to prevent mold and other nasty stuff from growing in your eyeshadows, lip products, etc. When I formulate my own shadows and lippies I plan to avoid parabens altogether and seek alternative forms of preservatives. Parabens are used in mostly for water based substances, like lotions! Water gives a place for bacteria to grow unlike oil based substances....

Check out this link: by Suzanne M. Snedeker, Ph.D. .....

Product Links:

Forever 16 Eyeshadow Palette:

Twinkle Star Palette:

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils:


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