Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update! Finally! Halloween &c.

Sorry for lack of Loli Spotlight last Friday, I was totally swamped! I've had so many exams this week, and still more to come. :(

Sad face!

But! The good news is that I will be starting my own line of cosmetics! :)

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This was my Halloween costume!

Silk Spectre from Watchmen! :)

I ordered a cuuuute Meta bag! It's sparkly and pink and FREAKING GLITTERY! OMG! Love it. :D

My shopping service (Mai) was kinda enough to include a bonus free gift! :D A charming little phone strap made to look like a real cream puff...mmm tasty! :3

A while ago I ordered two absolutely beautiful fur stoles on eBay but when I got them they smelled kinda funny....like.....an old lady's closet. So I took them to the drycleaners and I fianlly got them back today. @____@;

Real Fox Fur (1930s vintage)

Real Mink Fur (1930s vintage)

I know some people think it's "wrong" to wear a dead animal over your neck (I avoided the ones with head and feet still attached for these reasons!) but honestly? These critters have been dead for more than 80 yrs now. Poor animals. :( I wouldn't want their soft, warm fur to go to waste. And from the way they smelled before I had them drycleaned, it sounded like they had been going to waste--molding away--in some old lady's closet for years and years, maybe even DECADES. O_O; So I thought, well, it's going to be freezing cold outside soon and I want to stay warm, might as well put these poor guys to use since they've been dead for so long instead of wasting 'em. I'd NEVER buy real fur that has been "freshly killed" so to speak. Only vintage furs! I am sure you might think "well that's not any better!" but oh well. To each their own! :P Plus I paid wayyy too much in eBay shipping, drycleaning, etc. to not wear 'em. What is your opinion, girls (and guys) ? Would you wear fur even if it's been dead for so long? Or never at all? Keeping in mind that you don't know if the rest of the animal was put to use (e.g. for food, fat, etc.) or wasted. We kill animals for food all of the time...so it makes me wonder what happens to the rest of it? Well I suppose it gets used. E.G. chickens. I saw this great show on Food Network once about how this family owns a small business where if a hunter gets a bird of some sort (wild game) he or she takes it there and they will pluck the feathers, turn it into a pillow of some sort, cut up the meat, package it, and give it back to the hunter for some fees. What a great way to use the whole animal! :D

Anyway! This wasn't meant to be some big moral discussion on killing of animals for meat, fur, feathers, or otherwise, but... I guess I felt like discussing it. :) Would love to hear your opinion(s)!


So as of right now I am just waiting on my makeup shipments....so I can start blending stuff! I will be selling lipgloss in tubes and pans as well as eyeshadow loose pigments in jars as well as in pressed powder form in pans! :)

So tell me, dear readers, what shades and hues would YOU like to see in lip products and eye products? I plan on making pastel fairy kei inspired cosmetics as my first "line." :)


  1. I love mega pinks in makeup! Like, super barbie pink ;D
    Also, careful about those furs-- some people aren't to friendly when it comes to them.....

  2. @Delano: Gotcha! And yeah, I know fur can be touchy but this animal has been dead for 80 years now. :(

    RIP fox. lol.

  3. I adore your costume SO much!!! You totally look like her, and you have GREAT legs! You totally pulled off this outfit for sure! What are you studying, by the way?

  4. Thanks babe! Your words are so kind <3 *_*;

    I am studying engineering, haha. Aerospace engineering. @____@; it's a pain in the butttt.