Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long Time No Post!

Dear my lovely readers:

I am so sorry for once again abandoning this blog! I will be posting more soon, hopefully! I've been super busy with applying for internships, going to interviews, and still dealing with school work and that sort of stuff.

There will be a new layout coming soon for Spring done by my friend Anne, if she can help me with it. :D We'll be doing a fashion panel/show in a few weeks at Anime St. Louis so if you're in the area, you should come to it! It will be really fun and it will take place on Saturday April 16th I think from 12pm - 1pm but I need to doublecheck. :D

Some posts I have planned for my blog:

How to Look Like a Liz Lisa Gal
Cheap Gal Finds!!
ModCloth Love
Missguided and Reviews
TONS of make-up reviews and Tutorials
Lime Crime Makeup Review
Himegal & Lolita

Coming soon!!


For now I will take the rest of this post to show off some of my Innocent World Swag.

I promised to post about it a while ago but I forgot. >__<;;

Ordering from Innocent World is veryyy easy!
Just go to their site and click your preferred choice of language on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Right now they only have Japanese, English, and I think French. Hopefully they will add more languages soon! :D

When you order you just pick the item you want, and copy and paste the item code to their special order form. It's really, really easy. Then you fill out the order form and hit submit. Only do this if you are 100% sure you want to order...otherwise if you can't pay them, they might not let you order again in the future. :(

Once you confirm your order, they sent you an automatic email reply saying that they got your order. A few days later they will ask you to send your payment via Paypal and they invoice you. It's in Yen. Once you pay, they will ship your item out in a few days! Sometimes it can take a while if there is a big sale or holiday in Japan.


Finally your package arrives! YAY! :D

They ship in brown Innocent World store bags.

...and they always include a cute little note! :D

So cute <3 !!


Some of the things I have ordered are below. I really love how versatile their clothing is...! You can make it casual or fancy depending on your event/mood.

Strawberry Rose Garden JSK! So well made!

Quality is always top-notch! :D

Blouse with long sleeves and jabot...I forgot the name of this one. >_<;

They do multiple sizes too! S, M, and L. Sometimes LL for shoes. And short or long for dresses. I am 5'5" and I ALWAYS get the long version. I *could* get away with short versions of their dresses but IMHO, my torso is kinda longish so the bigger sizes fit me better.

Blouse when worn.

With JSK. (excuse boots...not part of outfit...but I was in a hurry to put it on!) :D

Again excuse teh boots. xD

Emmie Rose JSK. SO LOVELY! And I got it on sale too! ;3

Coordinated! With a little mori influence....<3 crocheted vests!

Similar to Pompadour JSK...IDK the name...I got it used.

Worn while out for afternoon tea with my roommate. :3

My roommate traded me this OP for a BtSSB green snow dot OP that I didn't wear at all.
This is a much older IW design. I still adore it though! :3

IW's Gertrude Skirt. It has a GORGEOUS black chiffon bustle in back. ;___; *dies* haha.

Coordinated skirt.... I can also wear this skirt with a black top and black tights and black shoes for an elegant evening out/date look. :3

Pompadour Set in Green, longer version (~101cm?)

As you can see, they made some special Pullip Dolls too! :D My doll matches me! :D

I got the "Pullip Tiphona" doll and I decided to twin with her last autumn. :)

So much love for IW!!


Not Innocent World, but Juliette et Justine, another favorite classic lolita brand of mine! :D


Worn dress: After my roommate and I went for some tea. :3

Hope you guys and gals enjoyed this post! :3 LEAVE ME COMMENTS!! <3<3<3


  1. I really adore all the clothes *_*

  2. These are really beautiful dresses! I've never worn Lolita before, but I'm definitely more tempted to give it a shot. I mean, such *gorgeous* detailing! @_@ And I now feel like getting out my sewing materials and designing and making a twinsie set for me and my favorite doll~ ^O^

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Glad you all are enjoying it! :)

    I should post more indepth pics so you can see how very nice their tailoring work is! Seriously some of the nicest things I've ever owned! :)