Thursday, September 29, 2011

Latest Favorites for Skincare/Bath + Random Stuff!

You know you can't resist cosmetics sold in cute little pepper-shaped tubes marketed by sexy Asian menz with blonde hairz. o.o;;

Whew, I totally had two huge projects and a test this week. BLAH. The test was today and I feel....okay....about it, haha. That's all I am gonna say because everytime I think I did well on an exam, I ended up doing poorly...and everytime I think I did shitty on a test, it's like BAM, I ended up doing well. O_o;


So today I just wanted to mention some random stuff...I have been using Baviphat's products a LOT lately and let me say...I am IN LOVE. I'll do another post after this (hopefully! LOL!) with more in-depth thoughts on a few of their different products. Here are the ones I am currently using.

Currently Using
- Magic Girls BBcream fresh for oily skin
- Strawberry Detox Mask
- Peach Peeling Gel
- Apple AC Sleeping Pack
- Fruity/Jelly(?) Lip and Cheek Tint (jar has no label on it? LOL.)

On the Way
- Magic Girls BBprimer fix (sample of this sold me!)
- Paprika Pore Solution Toner
- Paprika Pore Solution Essence/Serum
- Paprika Pore Solution Moisturizer
- Peach Sebum Solution Compact in 01 Light
- Apple Lip Scrub

- Lip stuff (more jelly tint!)
- Cheek stuff (blushing girl powder)
- Sheet masks (anything but the Snail stuff! LOL!)

Plus I have a ton of samples I've yet to try. x3 (OH GOD, please excuse that icky hair in that photo...gah. I never notice those things until it's too late!)
Samples are what got me into Baviphat in the first place. I was trying BBcream from an eBay seller and then they sent me some of the Baviphat AC Apple Sleeping Pack as a bonus and I was hooked when I tried it! My face was SO clear. :3
Currently hooked on the Paprika stuff which is why I bought moar of it. Hehe! I got some Tony Moly samples too but I didn't like them near as much as Baviphat...I somehow thing that their suuuuper cute packaging has something to do with that, haha. Totally lures ya in! But at least their product DELIVERS! :D

Pics and some randomness behind the cut! :3

Baviphat is coming out with (already came out with?!) cute new make-up bags! OMG! I dunno about you but I really dig on #04 and #09!! :)



I have an interview with LUSH this Sunday. I am sooooooo excited. :3 I love that store and working there would be like a dream come true even though I already have a part-time job as an intern.... I would die for the product discount too, haha. (Gorgeous facial moisturizer for less? W00T W00T!) And getting to play with their products all day and showing ppl how to use them. Omg. So much fun. haha.

Also I tried some of their new 'secret' products that came out on the British site. Specifically these:

- Dirty Soap
- Rose Jam Bubbleroon
- Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
- Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb
- Rose Queen Bath Bomb
- Dream Steam Toner Tab (was expensive but I plan to save it in a spray bottle to make it last!)

Want to try this ASAP: Lustre Body Shimmer, scented like the Lust perfume! :3

Had to order it all from the UK but the shipping was surprisingly affordable. I just regret not getting any free samples in my box. ;___; They tossed in a LUSH times though! :)

Reviews forth coming!!


I just organized my shoe "collection" haha:

Crazy huh? @___@; It's scary to think I own so many shoes. But what can I say, I love them? This is like 4+ years worth of buying shoes, and I still have a few more pairs at my other home. :3 I donate to Goodwill when I can and sometimes I end up having to trash a well-loved pair. My Japanese loafers are suffering this fate and I hope I can rescue them before they have to be trashed! :'(



My most worn pair, they look AWESOME with Dolly Kei. :)

Got grey tights too <3!

And these awesome black with flocky stuff:

I love Icing and Claire's! (Owned by same company.) Do you all have a favorite accessory or tights shop? These stores sell lots of cute necklaces too. If any of you international gals who read my blog want any cute stuff but you don't have a Claire's or Icing in your countries, just let me know what you're looking for and I can get it for you, no extra charges, just pay for the item + shipping. :) I am more than willing to shop for you too if you just want, say, a cute animal necklace or something and you're open to a surprise, haha. :D
I love shopping! >_<;;


Moar random:

New bedding set I got on Overstock. Damn, I love that site. So friggin' cheap!


Last random note...I've been listening to SO much girly-pop music lately. What's up with that?! xD Guilty pleasure... :3

Demi Lovato <3 I just ordered her new album. xD
She is sooo beautiful, and I totally love her make-up in that movie. Shame she struggled with eating disorders...I can totally relate though. :-/ I think a lot of young girls can. Take care of yourselves!! <3<3<3
And keep rockin' on. :)


PS: Coming up next time!

More cosmetics reviews - Geek Chic Cosmetics, Purely Cosmetics, Morgana's, and more! :)
ALSO: Planning to order and review more Fyrinnae samples in the near future as soon as they open again! Here's to hoping they come back soon! >_<;; I love them! And I can't live w/o my Rapunzel Had Extensions! :3


  1. The pepper shaped cosmetics are so funny! XD
    I love Lush, good luck for your work!!!
    How many shoes! I have a lot too and I still want more ^^'
    I love all your tights but the first pair is really the n°1, awesome! I want it too, but I think that shop doesn't exist in Italy.
    You're too nice to offer to ship abroad with no extra charge *_* But as I go for very cheap shopping I don't want to pay even the shipping XD But there is still time to decide to exploit you :P
    I like your bedding set!

  2. Thank you! ^__^

    And it's really not a problem....I bet I can put it in the tiniest bubble mailer. Perhaps if I took the tights out of their packaging, they could fit in a super small envelope and I could get it down to < $5US on shipping. But the tights themselves are about $16 US not sure if that's in your budget or not. xD

  3. You're really really nice, but I fear it's a bit over my budget ^^' Thank you very much!!!

  4. Glad you found a BB cream you like. BB cream is such a magical product. And 4 and 9 are my favorites too. Did you read the English on most of them? *sideways glance* I love Asians and their improper use of English.

  5. Hehe yes! Their English is so random! xD