Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coordinate Post! (Mostly Modcloth!)

In an effort to stay updated, here are a few coordinates from...well...random times! I just never uploaded them. I kind of want to do a food post too b/c there were so many random things I ate this summer that I just ~had~ to take photos of. Actually, recipes I wanna share too...I've been wanting to include more of those in my blog because I adore baking. Almost enough to create a whole separate blog for it...

Really old photo from this past spring:

Dress from Modcloth. xD I love them!

Black and White Suit Worn

Cute Sailor dress from Modcloth (sorry for bad pic!)

One of my favorite tops...from Modcloth...sadly the dye in the yellow lace faded and now it's white lace...

Cute fawn dress!! Also Modcloth. xD
One more pic!

Another M.C. dress but sadly they no longer have it for sale. :( I got it super cheap in their latest big sale. :3

With tights from my previous post and some Jeffrey Campbell shoes! ;3

Sakura Festival Dress from MC:

Also my Baviphat skincare stuff came in the mail! I am wearing it now! It's amazing and I can't wait to review it! :3


  1. I'd really like to look at some food porn and learn new recipes!
    I love the fawn dress, but my favourite coordinates are the ones with the boater hat and the yellow top *_* The sailor dress is really something too. And the goth-like outfit is pretty cool.
    The suit suits (omg, pun) you, but it's definitely not my style XD

  2. i love that first dress, very hippie chic and the belt goes perfectly with it.

  3. Thank you for your comments! :)

    Piperita: Food porn forthcoming! :D
    And I love that maxi dress too! It can be very gyaru or just retro hippie looking as Amber mentioned. :D

    Amber: I love it so much! It's so comfy! I got it from Modcloth and I feel like you'd totally love that site if you aren't already a customer there. I think I might have found your blog via a M.C. facebook thing, but I could be totally wrong, haha.

  4. I LOVE the suit set and the yellow top! Too bad the top faded in color. Does it still look pretty though?

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