Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a note... Awesome website!

Recently I stumbled on this website:

And it's FREAKING AWESOME. If you've ever wondered why they put X, Y, and Z in your cosmetics/shampoo/whatever you can totally find out. It's the perfect combo of science and beauty! I approve!! :D

In other news...even though I gained a little weight and decided I didn't want to dress gyaru for a while, I read this post and got inspired:

It really made me feel better about getting back to Gal!

Also reading this post about hair: has made me realize how I've been abusing the crap out of my hair, haha. I thought that simply switching to silicone free shampoo and stopping the bleaching of my hair would make it healthier (well it did but...) I realized I still abuse the crap out of it with heat tools like straightener oftentimes without even using heat protectant, same with a hair dryer. So I guess the bottom line is I need to be more careful. I also wanna try her coconut oil suggestion too! :D

Finally, seeing this post made me go O___O;; with glee!

I LOVE Liz Lisa so that really got me back in the gal spirit, lol.

In other news I am studying like mad for a test so I gotta get back to that. Only a just a little over a month to go till I graduate! My midterm grades were awesome, so yay, and I had a relaxing spring break in Florida with my boyfriend! I took a bunch of pics at Kennedy Space Center and the Daytona 200, so I will need to get off my butt this weekend and upload those, lol.

Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. I love the doll even if I'm not into gyaru :D

    Compliments for your mid term exams! I wish you all the best for your graduation ^O^

    I want to see the Kennedy Space Center *_*

    1. Thank you dear! :)

      And your wish is my command (for once! Haha!)

      I just uploaded some photos! :D