Friday, March 30, 2012

Hilarious Fairy Drops Webcomic

Thought I would share this with you all:

Here is the translation courtesy my friend Manuela:

1 cant read the kanji, so small... the pink caption reads "President Aya, several years ago"
2 "Ahhh" "Huh...mascara?" "Mascara is important, I see"
3 "I'll try to cut it into an easy to brush toothbrush shape"
4 "Thanks to this form, my eyes look big and beautiful" "I did it!"
5 "This mascara is so good, I really want to sell it in America..." "Ok, I'll send a mail to Sephora!"
6 "Huh?! The buyer wants to meet me?" "I'm going right away!"
7 "It's also very popular at Amerika's Sephora" "I did it"

BTW I have their mascara, the kind you can buy in US Sephora shops and it's pretty awesome but it can be a little clumpy.

I wish I had the motivation to do in-depth reviews. I know I promised you all an Artka review...I should really get off my butt and do that tomorrow! >___<

Until then...Pinterest!! :D

And here is the rest of it.

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