Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anime St. Louis

Nothing like my bi-yearly anime con visit!

I wore gyaru in the fashion show and I also cosplayed as Baby Doll from Sucker Punch and Silk Spectre from Watchmen!

BTW Mi amiga, Jax, dressed up a friend, Aura, in Cocolulu and omg, it rocked my world! It prompted me to make a Cocolulu wishlist here:

Me and Aura

I really wanna try Co&Lu style. My BF hates it though, gaaah. I think he prefers Liz Lisa but oh well whatever. ~___~;

hehehe! I had a good time, and it was fun seeing my friends!

Jax wore Kuroanba. I think I said that right. Man, she's brave. It's wayyyy too flashy for me to try, I think I'd be too shy to do it, hehe!

But she rocks it. xD

Moni was super cute in B-gal:

Lisha looked fierce and sexy in Rock Gal!

Jax dressed Aura up in Cocolulu Ameri-kaji style:

She was super cute! Good job, Jax! xD

Nami looked sexy and lovely in onee-gyaru:

Now for some non-gal:

Kayla in Gothic Loli and Yuka in Fairy Kei!

Czessie looked sooo cute in sweet loli! :)

Jax and Sage. Sage was extra cute in her sweet x classic loli coord. :D Love Innocent World!

Annnnd....It wouldn't be complete w/o a picture of me and Yuka! :D

She was wearing fairy-kei! :)


  1. OMG Babydoll is one of my favourite characters ever.
    I want to see your cosplay! Pleeeeease! *_*

    I love your outfit!!! So elegant *W* My other favourites are Lisha, Kayla and Sage ^^

    1. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of me wearing it yet...I am hoping that someone will send me a photo they took. @__@;
      I do have this one, though, from last Halloween but it was in terrible lighting in my apartment ^_^

    2. Thank you ^^ I think it's pretty good! I'd like to try to dress as Baby too!