Friday, April 6, 2012

Puri Kura!

Ever since the day I discovered the Princess Camera app for iPhone I've been smitten!
I even purchased glossy sticker paper to make real stickers with them! Puri Kura machines are all over Japan. They have some in the US. They're basically just glorified photo booths with the option of adding cute stuff/stamps to the photos once you're done!

Sadly, there aren't many in my state. I wish I lived in California! ;____;

The Princess Cam app costs like $1.99 ~ $2.99 but it's SO worth it. They update it from time to time and they add new stamps and special effects all of the time. You can even create your own stamps using photos. :D

These are pics of me and my best friend Yuka-chan. ;)

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  1. Really nice! I usually make purikura with free programs like puricute on the net.