Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Burts Bees: All Natural, All Awesome!

Have any of you tried Burts Bees products before?

Oh my gosh! I tried some a little while ago and I've been using some of their stuff religiously. I had been using their honey lip balm for years as a follow up to exfoliating my lips with sugar lip scrub and before applying my lipstick. The smell of the stuff is awesome and it really does keep your lips hydrated for a long period of time!

But the other night when I was at Target with my boyfriend, I noticed they make skincare stuff, lotions, shampoos, even bath crystals! Wow. I decided to try some shampoo and conditioner because it is silicone and sulfate free, and the LUSH stuff I'd been using has sulfates in it which can dry out your skin!

I tried a kit, and it contained this facial cleanser:

This stuff is sooo nice! It's a thick white cream and it foams slightly when you rub it in. Rinse off with warm water and your face feels cool, tingly, and clean! It's so amazing. :D I've been using this along with tea tree essential oil for toner and then using small dabs of extra virigin raw coconut oil as a moisturizer and my acne has literally stopped! Even right now, when I am kind of PMS-ing it (ooh, TMI!) and my hormone levels are freaking out.... I tend to break out pretty badly but I am managing my most recent breakout just fine, whew. (As in before I started this routine.)

I'd still been using LUSH skincare off and on and I probably still will...but damn. I love this combo of Burts Bees Cleanser, Tea Tree Essential Oil, and Coconut Oil. It's really been good for my skin.

Hand salve is pretty awesome too. It's almost a little too oily for my taste and it takes a little while to fully absorb but the smell is fantastic. It smells like lavender and rosemary!

The Shampoo is awesome as well as the conditioner. There is no silicone or sulphates in either! So shampoo freely, with wild abandon!

I'm still using my LUSH stuff though and the sulphates can be drying to hair and skin but I have also been using some coconut oil before showering to cut back on the damage to my hair from a rigorous shampoo!

If you want to pre shampoo, and you don't have a lot of time for the oils to sink in, use OLIVE OIL! Olive oil penetrates the hair follicle super quick unlike coconut oil which takes an hour or two to sink in. So if you want a leave in treatment (will be better for the hair) use coconut oil. If you're in a hurry, olive oil. Burts Bees actually makes a pre-shampoo treatment:

But yeah, you could totally achieve the same effect by simply adding oils to your hair pre-shampooing. ;)

Also tried this on my feet and it's great but not awesome. It came in a giftset:

It's kinda greasy going on but maybe I should wear socks with it on? Hmm.

Also tries this in my giftset and it's pretty good but the smell is odd. It does get the job done though!

There are still a bunch of other Burts Bees products I want to try out. How about you guys?
I really <3 the fact that they don't test on animals. Cruelty free, yay!


  1. Interesting, I want to try more natural hair products because my hair ends are really worn out. I think I'll try olive oil again too, and maybe an egg mask.

    1. Olive oil and egg mask are definitely good for your hair! It'll help to restore moisture and protein. :D