Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who is this Dr. Scholl?!

Sooo I got my hologram platforms and I freaked out when they were wayyyy bigger than I imagined....(no surprise as I was stuck ordering a half size up!) so I went to Target and searched for the right thing to put in them at the suggestion of multiple websites....

I found theses:

SO AMAZING. Like no, seriously. I put the arch ones in the BACK of my shoes where my heels go, and wow. What a difference the 9.5 now fit like 9's!

So tl;dr if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make half size shoes fit better, get these or a similar product if they don't have Dr. Scholl's where you live. I would have had to return my precious holographic babies otherwise! ;____;

*love love love*

You can also remove them and put them in other shoes to get maximum usage! So you really only need one pair, but if you plan to keep them in, go for two pairs. They were around $7 I think, which isn't too bad!

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