Saturday, March 23, 2013

Instagram....and my UNIF addiction!

I have been using Instagram (smartphone app) quite a bit lately. Do any of you use it? If so, you should tell me your username so I can follow you! :)
My username is theflyingace so if you like my blog, feel free to add me on there. I post lots of foodporn, outfits, new swag, makeup, carporn and other randomness! :D

I'm also a huge fan of PicStitch. For instance, I just made this really nifty collage of the food we had last night:

Pretty cool huh? I like that you can adjust your photos with filters on there too, and adjust brightness/contract, etc. All on your phone! But it does eat up my shitty iPhone battery. I really need a new phone. I think I am going to get the new Galaxy S4! (Now, if only it would hurry up and be released for sale.) ;____;

I have been taking lots of outfit photos lately!! Unfortunately, I am still having difficulty in hanging up my photo backdrop in my photo room so I've been using my crappy bedroom mirror for photos. Oh well. I am too lazy to move my shoes too because I really have no where else to put them and if I keep them in their boxes I will forget about them and never wear them! So they're all out on display....meh. lol.
*I am so unorganized!* D:

But yeah I have some new outfits to share with you so click below if you wanna see 'em! :) A lot of them are with UNIF clothing. I am SUPER obsessed with all things UNIF lately. They're like my new favorite brand or something. I am suddenly returning to being a goth again or at least goth-inspired/punk/whatever! So weird how my style fluctuates so much, lol. But yeah... UNIF stands for "Ur Not In Fashion" haha... and they often feature crazy stuff on their garments like flames and crosses and usually inflammatory statements like FUCK! or whatever, haha. I guess I also have a curse-word obsession. O.o;;

Oh and on that note, I am obsessing over PASTEL GOTH lately. Have you seen it? Gosh, I am so addicted. I can spend hours looking at this girl's tumblr!!

Here's a preview:

One of my pastel goth attempts, hah. See what I mean about UNIF being crazy with the slogans and whatnot? Also I got the wig SUPER cheaper on eBay....much better price compared with the Gothic and Lolita wig store!!

Another attempt, lol!

See more below!

Nasty Gal skirt, top, bustier...

New UNIF dress. "The Kickflip Dress." So cute! 90s plaid grunge esque type of thing. I love it with leather boots and jacket. ^___^

UNIF "Turn or Burn" sweater. I actually posted a WTB for this on Instagram and a girl responded and sold me hers! How sweet of her! :)

Nasty Gal hat, skirt, and blouse! I am IN LOVE with this silly Tiger Skirt. ;)

It was 70+ degrees randomly last week so HAD to wear this, haha. Crazy Nasty Gal dress, got on sale for only $15!!

Nasty Gal dress also on sale. Their self-made items are always MUCH better than the other stuff they have. And it's all made in the USA to boot! (Los Angeles, in fact.) The tights are by Black Milk Clothing and they're made in Australia! Yay for nerdy LotR tights! ^___^

UNIF Rainbow Cake sweater from NastyGal....I sadly washed this and it made the colors bleed. I am stupid sometimes, seriously, ugh! Maybe I can re-dye it because it's super faded now. :(

NastyGal shirt. Love it!

UNIF poncho! SO glad I nabbed this while I still could. It's wiped out almost everywhere now! I even managed to get my size, so yay! :)

More BlackMilk! And Petals and Peacocks sweater. Skirt is by MinkPink. Stuff from Nasty Gal and Dolls Kill!

Also been trying to learn new nail techniques! I totally splurged on nail polish at Walgreens last week. Ugh! >__<;; Water Marble nails are SO hard... @___@;;
My nail/hair loot. The hair chalk is pretty dope. Here's what it looks like used:

Blue hair chalk! Good alternative for wanting to dye your hair blue or any wacky color prohibited by your work place, haha. It washes out with water!

WHEW! Lotsa pics! Well until next time...I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I should post more now that I found a way to easily put my Instagram photos on here and I don't even need to resize them to post! YAY! *solazy* and I also I fail at webdesign. My blog needs a new makeover so hard. >___<;;


  1. I love your Unif obsession XD hehe I pretend to live vicariously through you!


    1. Aw haha! I am guessing not many places in the UK that sell UNIF? And/or you don't wanna get hit with customs fees? :( It's also friggin' expensive but the majority of my stuff was bought on sale. Except the damn Psychic Poncho....I paid the full price for that baby but I did get it on Karmaloop which tends to be cheaper compared to Dolls Kill.

  2. Great food porn *Q*
    I don't have a smartphone, but I envy instagram users, so I kinda wanna it now XD
    I feel I'm going back to my punk-goth days too, but I still have to find the right way.
    I love pastelgoth, even if I don't like so much all the religoius symbols and eyeballs. I totally love the plaid dress and the rainbow sweater *W* The poncho is really cool too, and you coordinated it in a great way!
    Nasty gal clothes are so hot!
    And I'm drooling over gandalf tights *O*
    I'd like to try hair chalk too, I found a nice DIY tutorial on Violet le beaux blog!