Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lime Crime: New Nail Polishes

Mmm I just put on some of my golden carousel gloss and decided to go check out the LC site. I think I might be purchasing some of their white eyeliner soon because it would be useful for gyaru eyes. ;)

And that's when I saw that they have nail polishes now! Errr well, coming soon that is!
I am personally not *that* excited unless their formula is really good, because I feel like you can pretty much find any shade of nail polish in a cheaper brand if you so desire and you look hard enough.

But the colors are still pretty nice and of course I love LC, despite all of the bad history of the company. :P

What do you guys and gals think about their new nail polishes? Tried anything from LC lately? I really love their gloss consistency but they need more colors! I can't wear dark red, black, blue, and dark purple on a daily basis. X___x; I can barely wear this gold but it looks nice and bronzey on my tan skin right now.

Oh yes, I went spray-tanning today with my gal pal Jax because we're going to a Hawaiian themed party so we both decided to wear manba. Well, romanba for me. I am scared. It's my first time attempting such makeup! Trial run tomorrow, before the party of course! The party is Thursday. X___x;

Oh and Fyrinnae released some lovely eyeshadows! Pastels! <3

Space Kitty


When I Grow Up

Cupcake Frosting

Aye Aye Captain

Can't wait to try these lovelies out! *w*

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  1. the nail colors are really pretty, but I agree with you. You really can find almost any shade for cheaper.