Saturday, June 16, 2012

Product Review: Baviphat Peach Peeling Gel

OMG my 100th post! ^____^


Ahhh Baviphat Peach Peeling Gel! One of my FAVORITE products ever made!

Cost: $12.99
Purchased from: Seller bello-girl on eBay.

Click the Jump below to read more! I also just uploaded a video on how to use it!

So yeah. Peach peeling gel. Smells like amazing fresh peaches and glides on your skin so smooth. And then...? You rub it in! It balls up and grabs dirt off your face. At first I was a bit confused by this, not gonna lie. Because, damn, it's not like a US peeling mask. When I hear of "peeling gel" I think of something that you smear on your face and wait 20 mins or so and then it hardens/dries a little and you rip it off to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, and other nastiness. Well not this stuff! When I first opened the jar, I thought it was expired! But it wasn't! (Also FYI Korean manufacturers tend to stamp the date the product was produced on on the side of the jar. So what you're seeing is NOT an expired product, just when it was made!)

But I grew to love this stuff so much that this is now my 2nd jar! xD

Here's what it looks like when you unscrew the lid.

The gel.

Close-up. The crappy lighting in my bathroom makes this look yellowish but in reality it's CLEAR and smells lightly of real and very juicy peaches! No artificial smell!

The mini spoon is very handy for getting your product out of the jar without needing to stick your fingers in to contaminate it.

This is what the product looks like on my hand.

I know this photo looks gross but it's a really good example of how to use the product. You keep rubbing it into your skin and eventually it balls up and looks dirty. That's a GOOD thing, it means that you are getting all of the dirt, filth, pollution, etc., off of your face!! :) I guess my hands were kind of dirty, haha.

Eek! Bare face with no makeup! ;) This is what my face looked like after I used the product and then rinsed it off. It seems brighter and clearer and definitely smooth! My skin also smelled of fresh peaches for a half an hour or so after using the product. It's such a nice smell! But if you don't like peaches, stay away!

In summation...

-Very refreshing.
-Smells amazing!
-Clears acne if you use it continuously.
-You can visibly see the dirt coming off which is great because you know the product is working!
-Leaves skin smooooth!

-Not sure how this works on dry skin. It might be too drying.
-Jar takes up a lot of space!
-Can be messy, lol.
-Scented like peaches. You may either hate smell of peaches, or your skin might be sensitive to scented products. I have noticed many Korean-made cosmetics are scented!
-Had to buy it on eBay so it was pricey!

How to use video:

Final word: Yes, I would buy this again. In fact this is my SECOND jar of the stuff because I went through all of a first one! xD I think this comes in Apple scented too in case you hate peach. It does the same thing only it smells like Apples!


  1. I have the same stuff! It smells soo good! I bought it when I was in M'sia at Sasa because it was $50 in Aus... lame.
    I actually use it when I have dry skin, peely E.g. when I get a cold and the tissues causes my skin to peel it gets rid of the peely dead skin. Yay! Have you tried any of the other similar Baviphat products like the apple, capsicum or grapes?

    1. Hey there ell thanks for your comment. :)

      The peach stuff is pretty awesome, I must agree! Glad to hear it works well for drier skin too.

      I have tried the paprika pore solution (yellow pepper looking bottles) line of products too and they worked VERY well. I should have done a review but I ended up using all of my product up before I had time to. ;___; I tried the sleeping pack, the emulsion, the toner, and the essence all with good results. It was confusing at first, but you use the toner first (after using a cleanser of some type) and then follow up with the essence, then the emulsion, and then the sleeping pack if you want. It's great for acne, which I get often!

      I've also tried their Apple AC sleeping pack and it's also quite good!

  2. I think in Italy we use peeling gels as much as peeling masks XD I'm using a grapefruit scented peeling gel.
    The peach one seems really good, but I can't afford pricey cosmetics in this period.

    1. Hmm must be a non-US thing then! I love peeling gels. They're so nice and you feel refreshed afterwards! :)