Friday, June 15, 2012

Manba Heaven!

So the other night, my amiga, Jax decided to come into town to go to a Hawaiian themed party with me! We decided the occasion called for manba style!

I was naturally scared as it was my first time wearing manba. Oh gosh. SO SCARED. Mostly that I'd mess up the makeup and do it a great injustice. I think I did A-OK for my first try but I hope to get better!

I spray tanned in advance for this look. I went with the darkest tan they have!

This was the result:


If you wanna know what products I used, click the jump! ;) Also more photos underneath the jump! >D

FIRST OF ALL: I know that the cowgirl hat is more of a kurobanba thing, not a manba thing. BUT WHATEVS. I love cowgirl hats and Liz Lisa so I wanted to do a Liz Lisa Western version of romanba! I say romanba because I feel like my outfit is not neon and hawaiian looking enough to be considered manba. But whatever, yo! Labels are labels, I just wanted to have fun.

Also ...first time doing romanba makeup, and I was scared, like I said, hahahaha. xD

Crappy bathroom lighting but you can better see my makeup in this photo.

Oh gosh, I felt so silly yet it was fun! It was cool! And different from my usual stuff, haha. Had this JASMINE song stuck in my head partly during the night:
Even though they call me bad girl. I reply 'so what?'
Even though they call me bad girl. If so, I'll puff out my chest
This is my lifestyle and no one else's
I'll see it through

(ENGL translation.)

My makeup:

- Stila face primer
- Covergirl liquid foundation in Classic Tan
- NYX Pencil in Milk (white) for pretty much all of the white stuff you see
- Geek Chic Cosmetics eyeshadow in Mana Battery for the shimmery white parts
- Too Faced Glitter for the glittery parts
- Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper for the black eyemakeup parts + kat von d black eyeshadow to set it
- Pink eyeshadow in upper corners is from Aromaleigh Rocks collection
- Make Up Forever HD translucent setting powder
- Urban Decay Shine Control makeup setting spray to set and seal it all!
- Black circle lenses. I think Barbie King Size type? from
- Top lashes are Diamond Lash, and bottoms are generic cheapie eBay lashes from China
- Childrens stick on earrings + duo latex glue for the stickers on my cheeks
- crappy eBay wig from China, LOL
- cowgirl hat from Claire's

Also this song has been stuck in my head a lot lately. I wish JASMINE would release a new album!! Like STAT. xD

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